The Guesthouse

outsideSurely you spent a night or two hanging at the Peacock Room if you've lived in Orlando for a hot minute. I have a few fond memories of times spent there watching bands that I mercilessly judged, or just hanging with friends while enjoying a cocktail. While the Peacock Room may be long gone, a new bar has taken it's place in the form of The Guesthouse.  The space was gutted into one large room with the main focus being a large square shaped bar lined with high tops, tables set up against banquette seating, and cozy cushioned spots surrounded by greenery from Porch Therapy.

barseatingFinding a spot to sit shouldn't be an issue at this bar, neither should finding a great drink. From the taps I counted it appeared that they had eight beers on draft including Swamp Head Stump Knocker Pale Ale and Cigar City Jai Alai, along with an assortment of beers and cans. A smattering of wines, both red and white are also available.

beerNot being a beer drinker, I helped myself to their cocktail menu and enjoyed a Moscow Mule and an Anejo Highball.

menuThe Moscow Mule had just the right balance of all three ingredients for me to find it refreshing without too much bite from the Ginger Beer or the Vodka. I also found it adorable that two older ladies were also sitting a the bar enjoying a few of these each.  Grandmas getting turnt!

moscowmileThe Anejo Highball was also really delicious; a little on the sweeter side with Scarlett Ibis Rum & Ginger Beer.

anejoOverall I really liked the vibe of The Guesthouse. Old lady that I am, I didn't visit during peak hours, so I was able to enjoy it while it was quiet and chill and I could hear the conversation of the person I was with, which is always a bonus.

They are open Tuesday-Sunday from 5pm - 2am. Check them out!

1321 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803