Hi! I’m Lindsey. The solo gal behind LemonHearted.

I’m not a self-proclaimed “influencer” or a food critic. I’m just someone using my platform as a creative outlet to share information.

I started LemonHearted back in 2013 as a way to get more connected to Orlando as it began to thrive. I wanted to focus on supporting the local businesses that were redefining our city. I wanted to share the places I explored, so everyone had more than the surface knowledge of local companies. I believe when we feel more connected to these establishments, we have a higher propensity to patron them.

This site is not monetized with sponsored content so you can be sure that anything I write about is personally chosen by me and not because someone paid me to do so. Almost everything I write about is something I decided to check out and experience in my own time. Sometimes a local business reaches out to me, and if it’s something I think is valuable to share, I explore it when I’m able. I support local businesses by paying for my meals and my experiences, never asking for free perks.

It’s rare for me to attend media events or engage in sponsored ads, as I prefer to share authentic experiences. In the rare occurrence I do accept an invitation from a local business or brand, that information will be disclosed and not buried under hashtags.

This blog is not my secular job, but rather a fun and creative expression that has allowed me to form bonds within my community and support and highlight local makers.

I hope you find my site helpful and enjoy getting to know Orlando and the surrounding cities a little better.