Paloma Coffee Co.

Coffee shops can often have two distinct vibes. Warm and welcoming, soon becoming like a second home for those of us that are caffeine dependent. On the flip side, they can feel more cold and clinical, serving a sole purpose of a grab-and-go space, largely due to unfriendly or standoffish staff.

When I walked into Paloma Coffee Co. I immediately felt the warmth of home.  I was greeted by owner Marcelino Hoyo and his daughter Arianna, and it was clear before even asking that this is a family-owned business. 

They recently opened in downtown Windermere on Main Street, and Marcelino expressed his gratitude towards the community for their warm welcome. He relayed to me that locals had been sharing the opening all over social media as well as on the popular NextDoor website.  

The shop got its name by paying homage to Marecelino's mother, and you'll find a picture of her on the cafe wall sitting among several white doves at Parque de la Paloma in Puerto Rico. You'll find a few more gems of that history and culture displayed throughout the space, bringing together that feeling of family and pride.

Their coffee menu is varied with cold brew, espresso based drinks using Panther coffee, brewed to order options including Chemex, Kalita Wave, and French Press. They have a selection of JoJo Tea, matcha and black tea lattes for non-coffee lovers. They also carry local Kombucha brand Humble Bumble

Along with beverages, they have baked goods that they source both from Old Hearth and another local baker. There are vegan options as well.  

Greenery is everywhere and many succulents and planters are for sale. They are locally sourced from Florida Cactus and Hanging Tree Nursery among others.  

For the lap-toppers, they do have password protected wi-fi. 

Their current summer hours are Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., and Saturday & Sunday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Follow them on Instagram (@palomacoffeeco) and Facebook to keep up to date with any changes to their hours. 

Paloma Coffee Co.

507 Main St.
Windermere, Florida, FL 34786

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