Sandwiches of Orlando


Southern Cuban Sandwich

I normally don't like too many twists on a Cuban sandwich, but Chef Trina is now an honorary Cubana in my book because her Cuban is on point.  This sandwich is easily shareable, loaded with slow roasted pulled pork, Virginia ham, Swiss cheese, and the true stand out: FRIED PICKLES. It's glorious and I could eat it weekly if I wasn't so terrified of bread bloat. My only wish is that it was pressed, but otherwise it's solid all around.

Also noteworthy, Chef Trina's seasoned fries are ridiculously good. I tried to be "healthy" by getting a salad with my sandwich, but I did end up eating quite a few of the fries off my husband's plate. 

Swine & Sons

The Gondola & The Pulled Pig

Swine & Sons is for sandwich lovers. The lunch rush can get busy and you may have to share a table with strangers and make new friends (while asking the yoga mom who is hogging a five-top for herself to share) but the worse case scenario is just to take it to-go.

On my last visit I got the Gondola ($10), which is great if you love a classic Italian sandwich. This one comes open-faced on toasted bread topped with Genoa salami, Fontina cheese, garlic dills, pickled pepper mayo, and an Italian salad on the side. 

My husband (who didn't want to go to Swine & Sons because he didn't think they'd have anything he'd like), got the Pulled Pig ($9); a simple sandwich of pulled pork, mustard mop sauce and coleslaw that he opted out of.  He ended up loving it, raving about the pork and giving it a 9 out of 10.  

The Strand

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich

Full foodie disclosure, I'm less of a burger person, and more of a chicken sandwich girl.  I think a lot of people overlook that in a city desperately missing good fried chicken options, the Strand has some of the best Orlando has offered thus far.  Their Buttermilk Chicken sandwich is topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, honey mustard on brioche bun served with coleslaw.

Beyond the Buttermilk Chicken, The Strand always has a few solid choices for sandwiches.

The Strand Sandwiches

Banh Mi Nha Trang Subs

#6 Vietnamese Traditional Grilled Pork

Blink and you'll miss this hidden gem on E. Colonial.  It may be small, with barely any seating but don't mind that. These sandwiches are made fresh to order served on soft sub rolls that rival Publix. The #6 packs a bit of a kick for me due to the intense amount of onions, but you cannot deny the fresh flavors that compliment the grilled pork. Even more reason to go, this  sandwich is $4.  Parking tip: Don't try to park on E. Colonial. Park behind it and walk through the entrance to this small circular strip of shops.  You also can run to Chewy Boba right next door for a Boba fix. This is a cash only joint, so come with the green.

Tako Cheena

Roasted Yellow Curry Beet Arepa

People love Tako Cheena for their tacos, but don't sleep on their arepas.  I count them as sandwiches since Tako Cheena stuffs them with goodies like braised beef, pulled pork, cheeses, or seen below curried beet. If you feel like this option might be a little too healthy, add their kimichi fries to the mix. 

Ollies Public House

The Legend

The legend has been a favorite of mine for years. Genoa salami, cappicola, shaved ham, prosciutto, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo & our special dressing served on a hero roll. Get it pressed to heighten your sandwich experience. If you haven't been to Ollie's don't be taken aback by their sports bar facade. Yes, the televisions almost always are playing whatever game is on, but their patio is great when the cooler weather kicks in, the drinks are great, and they are dog friendly. 


French Toast Egg, Cheese, & Sausage Sandwich

You can't talk about sandwiches without throwing a delicious breakfast sandwich into the ranks. Anyone who has entered a WAWA without needing gas, solely looking to fuel up their stomach knows that it can be a dangerous playground of options. My favorite one, and surely the worst for my health, is the brilliantly engineered sandwich that takes two pieces of French Toast to warmly hug sausage, cheese and egg. It's everything you want in the morning; sweet, buttery, salty, soft goodness.  Also, Wawa's cold brew isn't too shabby, just do yourself a favor and add your own cream, they tend to have "Dunkin Drowning Donuts" syndrome when it comes to add-ons.

Wawa Breakfast Sandwich

Porkie's BBQ

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Spending time in Apopka means continuously searching for food that isn't Taco Bell (they have three in a 3-mile radius). Thank goodness for Porkie's BBQ. Their pulled pork rivals the ever growing competition although you may find yourself missing 4Rivers corn.  You can get a regular sandwich, or do like me and get the platter and stack the meat on a piece or two of garlic bread. This place is no frills, down to the basics, BBQ. 

Porkies Pulled Pork

Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwicheria

Cobb Sandwich

If you know about Pom Pom's you probably hear people raving about Mama Ling Ling's Thanksgiving sandwich and with good reason. My personal favorite however is the Cobb. I choose Pumpernickel as my bread, sub out the bleu cheese for mozzarella, and go to town on the turkey, watercress, bacon and avocado ($8.50).  Don't forget to get a tea, and check the menu board for their tea of the day!

Pom Poms Sandwich

Yellow Dog Eats

The White Trash

There is something so homey about Yellow Dog Eats. Maybe it's because it's in a big two-story house with a charming back patio. Maybe it's the pictures of dogs all over the walls. I wish I lived closer so I could cozy up with a good sandwich and their tomato and mozzarella salad on a more consistent basis.  The White Trash ($10.95) is pulled pork topped with coleslaw, pecan-smoked bacon, and BBQ sauce.  It's piled pretty high so you might be taking some home. Parking is behind the house or in the lot across the street.


New General

Seasonal Toast

Before you yell at me and tell me this isn't a sandwich, technically you may be correct.  However, isn't a toast topped with different ingredients just a sandwich missing it's top? Can't this too be an open-faced sandwich?  Plus, I must look out for all the ladies (or dudes for that matter) who are watching their carb intake and need to enjoy the toast at New General with less guilt and the aforementioned bread bloat.

It's not just about sweet toast here either. They have espresso rubbed roast beef (using Lineage), green pea hummus toast, white bean toast, and the ricotta toast pictured here. Grab this and an iced honey latte and no one can take your sandwich status away from you!

All of these beautiful sandwiches were paid for by me, and all photos are mine. Please do not take photos from my site to use on your own, or in any of your marketing material without permission.  Ya'll know better!