Orlando Cat Cafe


Cat lovers, have you been to the Orlando Cat Cafe? Ok, so it's not actually in Orlando, it's quite a drive out to Clermont near the intersection of Hwy 27 and 192, but there are cuddly cats and coffee so that's worth the gas money, right? If you haven't been and you've wondered about how sanitary a "cat cafe" could be, first know that Axum coffee runs their operations in a completely separate space from where the cats are housed. For those living way out on that side of town, this could be their normal coffee spot. For those of us living closer to the city it's a destination to see the cats which adds an additional $8 to your order and gets you entry to the cat play/adoption area. There is a small waiting vestibule where a volunteer goes over the rules and where hands will be sanitized for the sake of the kittens. You are allowed to bring whatever you purchase from Axum in with you.I can't think of a better environment for these cats to hang out in while prospective owners get to know them and their personalities before deciding to adopt. Don't worry, if you are just there to enjoy some friendly feline company the volunteers don't harass you or try and talk you into adopting a cat. The atmosphere is relaxed and centered around the well-being of these beautiful creatures that need homes. Since the Cat Cafe opened back in September of 2016 they've had 60 successful adoptions. Most of the cats are doing what cats do best; sleeping. However during my visit a few were still in the mood to play with the many toys they have at their disposable. Despite being homeless, they are living a pretty cushy life. There are often more cats than what meets the eye. Give every inch a good scan and find the hiding kitties. Orlando Cat Cafe - 532 Cagan Park Ave, Clermont, FL 34714