Freelance Friendly

The life of a freelancer may seem desirable and in many ways it is.  No mind-numbing office chit chat, no intolerable bosses, and no I-4 commute.  You can also wear pajamas for as long as you like and hide from anyone that might judge your greasy unkempt hair. However, unless you are a baller with a dedicated home office with all the trimmings of professionalism; your wobbly dining room table and constant barking of your dog can sometimes leave you wanting a change of scenery. Every now and then it's nice to get out among the living and find a comfy corner of the city to set up shop for a few hours. These spots aren't just limited to local coffee shops.  Here is a list of well-known and maybe lesser-known spots where you can work while enjoying brief encounters with civilization.

The Melrose Center

Seating: Plenty of space to work with your own laptop, but you must first successfully complete the orientation.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: There is no food and drink allowed in the Melrose Center, and you have to keep your shoes on.


Bonus of working there: You'll soon realize all that the Melrose Center has to offer your creative brain and you will be signing up for classes in no time!

Axum Coffee

Seating: Plentiful inside and outside seating.

Wifi: Yes (with scattered outlets)


Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, Teas, and baked goods. Urban Flats is right next door and the Plant Street Market is a quick walk down the street. 

Lil Indies

Seating: Work space set up in the main bar area as well as couches and chairs throughout.

Wifi: Yes


Drinks & Snacks: Coffee during the day from Vita Luna.

North Quarter Market

Seating: Limited indoor seating with a few outside tables. Bonus for a clean bathroom.

Wifi: Yes


Drinks & Snacks: Credo coffee, Pop Parlor popsicles and assorted foods from the Farmacy.

Stardust Coffee

Seating: Several tables and chairs indoors.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee and other assorted drinks & full Stardust menu.


Sanctum Cafe

Seating: Bar seating with outlets or regular seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, smoothies, and the full Sanctum menu.


Whole Foods - Winter Park

Seating: Plentiful but it fills up at lunchtime.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Everything in Whole Foods

Bonus of working there: Lots of outlets and the mochi freezer.


 New General

Seating: Limited indoor and outdoor.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Lineage coffee and cafe menu.


 Zanzibar Coffee

Seating: Long banquette seating with tables.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, teas and assorted baked goods. 



Seating: Ample seating if you can snag a spot before the UCF students.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, coffee cocktails, teas and assorted snacks.

Bonus of working there: Undeniably good coffee and drink selections and killer bathroom light for a self-esteem boost. 


 Foxtail Coffee

Seating: Bar stools, limited tables and a few counter chairs. Outside lounge seating in the courtyard.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, cold brew, teas and bakery items.

Bonus to working there: Friendly baristas like Natalie, Kristine, Nate, Mike and others. They have a great staff. You can also walk down to Buttermilk Bakery or grab something healthy at Eden's Fresh next door. 


 East End Market

Seating: Limited seating indoors, ample courtyard seating.

Wifi: Yes (password needed)

Drinks & Snacks: Lineage coffee, Skyebird juice bar, Farm  & Haus and other assorted foods.



Seating: Bench and table seating. Avoid during peak lunch hours 11:00PM-1:00PM

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Several iced teas, thai iced coffee and full salad and sandwich menu.


 903  Mills Market

Seating: Indoor and outdoor patio seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Full market menu.


 Black Bean Deli

Seating: Plentiful indoor and outdoor seating. Avoid during peak lunch hours 11:00AM - 1:00PM.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Cuban coffee, sodas, beer and full menu.

Bonus to working there: When Alex is working and he makes your coffee, also quesitos. 


 Coffee Frutos Selectos

Seating: Bench seating with limited tables and chairs inside.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, tea, limited menu.


Duo 58

Seating: Ample tables, chairs and couches.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee and assorted items from their kitchen menu. Waffle Wednesdays!


Palate Coffee

Seating: Comfy couches and chairs inside.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee and other drinks assorted baked goods.


 Downtown Credo

Seating: College Park and Florida Hospital have ample seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, teas, and assorted baked goods.


 Snowbean Cafe

Seating: Cozy indoor and outdoor seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee and assorted baked goods. 


 Trilogy Coffee

Seating: Ample indoor seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, and if you check near the back you might find some locally made merch.


 P is for Pie

Seating: Limited seating indoors.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Stumptown coffee and lots of freshly baked goods. 


 Dovecote Coffee Bar

Seating: Inside the Bank of America bottom floor next to the coffee bar. Tip: there is free parking in the valet lane on Livingston or in the bank/ATM lot in spots marked DoveCote valet before 5:30 pm.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Full coffee bar and baked goods.

Bonus to working there: Getting to laugh at all the suits that walk down from their high rise offices thinking that isn't me anymore


.Ice and Bites

Seating: Plenty of indoor seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, milk and fruit teas, taiyaki, and assorted sweets.


 Drunken Monkey

Seating: Plenty of indoor seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, teas, and full menu.

Bonus of working here: If you are Vegan you have lots of options here.


 Bikes Beans & Bordeaux

Seating: Plenty of indoor seating.

Wifi: Yes

Drinks & Snacks: Coffee, teas, wine and beer and full food menu.


All photos belong to LemonHearted unless otherwise credited.