Justin Timberlake Concert Review

When I saw, close to a year ago, that Justin Timberlake would be going on a massive tour with a date in Orlando I quickly snatched up tickets for me and one of my best friends. For months we waited with smooth R&B baited breath. In preparation I boned up on his new album (which I found I didn't really care for) but that didn't dampen my enthusiasm.  He had plenty of hits prior to his latest project, not to mention N'Sync songs.   I have no shame in admitting I liked N’Sync back in the day.  If you didn't get your jam on to “Tearin Up My Heart” I just assume you are lying. I watched his skits on SNL and his appearances on Jimmy Fallon.  He has natural showmanship, how could he disappoint?  All this hyped up my anticipation to see this gorgeous man in concert..  The mood was set for a fantastic evening with my best home girl and our sexual white chocolate hunk of man.

Well Justin, you did it. You made me regret purchasing a concert ticket.  Not since I saw the Killers at the House of Blues many moons ago have I felt the sting of a bundle of money wasted on a lackluster performance. Let me explain why.

Pro:  He can sing – so it’s not like I was covering my ears wishing it would stop

Con: He sang some of the most boring songs from his new album. Snooze-ville!

Pro: He can dance

Con: He had NO large screens projecting himself in live time so I could feel up close and personal with his performances.  I ain't got hundreds of dollars to spend for front row tickets Justin. You can’t spring for a LCD monitor or two for the ladies in the back?

Blinded by lights.

Pro: His band is amazingly talented

Con: Having them remain stationary behind their stands most of the concert was pretty boring.  It wasn't until later in the show that some of them were allowed to let loose and jam instrument in hand.

 Stationary dancing only!

Pro: He looked quite dapper (from what I could tell by squinting) So, EYE CANDY!

Con: He thinks because he is cute that I want to see him play the guitar.

I get it.

You are talented.

Put the guitar down.  It’s distracting and unnecessary.

Pro: A part of his stage actually moved across the entire center of the arena so it moved over the floor.

Con: Personally, I thought it was gimmicky.  Sure, it allowed some people to see him a bit better - but if you aren't Pink suspended in the air by fabric proving to us you could win a gold medal for ribbon song and dance, I say NEXT!

Pro: He did a pretty sweet cover of Poison by Bell Biv Devoe

Con: He did unnecessary covers of Heartbreak Hotel and Jungle Boogie.

I wasn't really feeling it, unlike some of the concert goers.

Similar account of me next to the other girls in the arena watching this nonsense.

If you think I’m being harsh, let me point out that we were so bored at one point during a long stretch of his newer songs - we left our seats and walked the entire circle of the arena. We actually went back to a concession counter where we had previously made friends with a few workers.  We told them not to worry that they couldn't sneak a peak into the show, because they simply weren't missing much.  They told us we were not the first people to tell them that.  As I looked around I realized there were a lot of people wandering the halls, finding more enjoyment talking to their friends and drinking with JT’s voice booming in the background.

Don’t get me wrong. I had an amazing time, because I got to spend it with one of my most loved ladies in the world and we can have a good time shopping in Costco.  All in all, unless you are a rabid fan of Mr. Timberlake, I think your hard earned money is better spent elsewhere.