13 things I learned from Anne of Green Gables

1. Don't let the Josie Pye's of the world get to you. Some girls don't want to use their brains, they just want attention.

2. Good teachers can be powerful role models. Appreciate the good ones, and learn how to be one yourself.

3. Every girl needs a father or father figure to love them and make them feel like the light of their world.

4.  Don't just be friends with anyone. Be friends with people who show themselves to be worthy of the title "friend". Aunt Josephine said "I like people who make me like them."

5. Stop focusing on romantic ideals of the man you want, and come to your senses.

6. You don't have to say yes to a man that proposes. No matter how good looking or rich he is. I mean, Morgan was pretty fine.

7. Don't be so caught up in the ideals of love, that you don't recognize the real thing when its right in front of you.

8. Don't be a damsel in distress. Ever.

9. Always respond to accolades with grace and humility.

10. Never be afraid of being alone with your imagination.

11. Be kind to even the most prickly of people. You still might find a kindred spirit.

12. Be kind to old people (and take them outside).

13. Kindred Spirits are forever.