Most Instagrammable spots in Orlando

It's quite possible our generation loves taking photos more than any that preceded us. Blame it on companies selling powerful mini cameras we can keep in our pockets, a higher level of overall narcissism, or perhaps more eye candy in our world than ever before.

Whatever the reason, our love of digitally capturing moments, when we possibly would be better off just living in the moment, probably won't fade anytime soon. I'm all for balance, but there is nothing wrong with looking for creative opportunities to enjoy color and light, because honestly it's a happy medium in a pretty devastatingly garbage world.

If you need some light-hearted, insta-worthy opportunities in your life, here is a list of places to enjoy and escape the tragic news feed we are being fed every single day. And if you ever feel weird trying to capture a moment, and someone's judgmental eyes are following you, ask yourself "Is what I'm doing making me happy or settling a small layer of anxiety in my life?". If the answer is yes, wave and smile at them and keep on snapping. It's literally what I do. The wave usually makes them mind their business.

Soho Juice Wall

It's one of the newer graphic walls in town, and it just so happens to be attached to a juice shop. Whether you actually go inside and grab a juice or acai bowl is up to you, but the colors outside cannot be denied. Model + Boss: Liv Jonse


Park Aire Apartments

To the irritation of all who live here, the Park Aire is a popular spot for fashion bloggers to take advantage of the pink on pink background and modern art deco architecture. I wouldn’t advise entering the property, but the front stoop is pretty stunning on it’s own. Location 640 N Park Ave.


Bathrooms at The Guesthouse

I don't know what it is about bathrooms at bars, but I've had some pretty intense pep talks with myself inside many of them.  Calming nerves, having deep life thoughts, telling yourself certain truths, or ya know, just enjoying a good bowel movement. Whatever the theme of your bathroom adventure is, at the Guesthouse you are surrounded by calming wallpaper that is absolutely Florida and you can't help but pause the self-awareness chat for a selfie. 


Exterior of Avalon Exchange

There's something about the slick yellow triangle that I just can't get enough of. The bonus of snapping any pictures here is that you can shop and always find a bargain inside. 

Avalon Exchange

Lake Eola Band Shell

It's beautiful from any spot around Lake Eola, but for it's full glory get up close and personal at different angles for some real stunning color play.

bandshell (1 of 1).jpg

Inside Bambu Desserts & Drinks

You might stop in for a quick dessert or Boba tea, but you end up staying because the decadent furniture dictates you have a mini photo shoot. It's like a mini Entertainment 720 office.  Where dreams come, to come true. 


Colonial Lanes

Maybe it's just me, but I love a good stoop with big, brash, colorful graphics.  Beyond that, Colonial Lanes is actually a really fun bowling alley you probably need to visit if you haven't already. I have no idea if rumors about the possible demolition of Colonial Lanes is actually true or not, but to be safe, get your local bowl on while you can.

coloniallanes (1 of 1).jpg

Andrew Spear Wall on Shine

I feel like I should pay Andrew Spear for every photo I take with this gorgeous mural as my backdrop. It's definitely my favorite in the city, and I get really frustrated if I ever see it vandalized. Keep the mural on Shine clean and pristine people! I also desperately want to make a Spearlife mural happen in College Park. 

SpearMural (1 of 1).jpg

Porch Therapy at East End Market

No one ever tires of the succulents and other plants both inside and outside the East End Market.


Fresh Kitchen

Anytime I can fill my belly with good food while having my other senses stimulated I'm a happy camper. Fresh Kitchen is a bright and colorful photo opportunity in-between bites.

freshkitchenmural (1 of 1).jpg

Rainbow walkway at the Town House Restaurant 

While I wouldn't tell you to trek all the way out to Oviedo just to snap a pic of what I call Rainbow Road, if you happen to be in the area, it's worth a quick pit stop. It's Mario Kart Dreams coming alive.

rainbow road.jpg

The Glass Knife 

Food aside, the Glass Knife is truly a stunningly beautiful new spot in Winter Park. While decor should never outshine the quality of food, it's hard not to get wrapped up in aesthetics and take one too many photos of all the details down to the bathroom sink.

glasskinfe (1 of 1) (2).jpg

Florida Cactus Inc.

I can't tell if the hardworking people inside the greenhouses hate that Florida Cactus Inc. has become a popular place for photo shoots or not. To be honest, if I worked there in the sweltering temps and I saw a fashion bloggers I might get low-key irritated. Regardless, it's truly a serene place to visit, but you guys BETTER be buying stuff when you go. 


Mathers Social Gathering

It's dark and bruiting with exposed brick, shelves of books, rich textures and vintage furnishings. No shorts or flip flops allowed, so class it up a bit before you go.


The floors at Black Bean Deli

Why do we love beautiful floors? I don't know. We just do. And something about the tile at Black Bean Deli always makes me smile. 


Bluebird Bake Shop

All carbs should be accompanied by cute, cozy nooks.  Truthfully Bluebird has it all. The marble tables, the white penny tile, the accent wallpaper. Oh and delicious baked goods. Currently closed for repairs.

bluebird (1 of 1).jpg

Downtown Credo in College Park

It's all about those window shots at the College Park Credo. Also quite popular is the multi-colored Orlando map inside as the backdrop of many self portrait shoots, casual latte in hand.  


Women's bathroom at Hunger Street

Hunger Street has beautiful artwork all over it's exterior, but I'm partial to the Frida Kahlo wallpaper in the ladies bathroom.  Another perk of this spot despite dim lighting, is you can take selfies in privacy away from judgmental eyes, aka unhappy haters. 


Milk District Wings

It's one of my favorite walls to visit during Tasty Tuesdays as a colorful background to my food. This mural has been around for awhile, and I hope no one ever paints over it. 

milkdistrictwings (1 of 1).jpg

The sitting room at Reyes Mezcaleria

Before you sit down to enjoy tacos and elote you must take a moment to appreciate the room that was expertly put together by Sue Chin. Each piece was hunted down at local shops and hand picked by Sue who has impeccable taste and makes all her ventures Instagram worthy.


Cosmic Pyramid Wall in the Milk District

So, I totally made that name up, call this what you wish. I love the colors of this mural and it's a beautiful addition to the Milk District. Artist: Veronika Rose

milkdistrictpyramid (1 of 1).jpg

The porch at Buttermilk Bakery

Maybe it's the succulent planters, or the lighting, or the neutral gray tones; but I've seen some shoots go down on the Buttermilk porch.  

porcj (1 of 1).jpg

The coffee window at New General

To my knowledge it's the only coffee window in Orlando, and New General made sure it was going to be a hard one to beat. A minimalist approach and a single neon sign make it a pretty hip coffee experience. 


Hearts at Etoile Boutique

I'm all for more of these inspirational candy hearts all around the city. I've spotted others on Mills, and I'd love to see more. Let's make it happen in 2018. Artist: Philly street-artist Amber Lynn

etoileboutique (1 of 1).jpg

Barnie's Coffee on Park Avenue

While I personally prefer a spot with more color, there is no denying people love Barnie's for low-key photo shoots. It hits all the basic marks. Marble, lattes, and avocado toast. Get it ladies, do you.


Art inside the Fashion Square Mall

I don't care what anyone says about the Fashion Square Mall. I love it. It's erie and kinda sad, which makes it the perfect place to walk around aimlessly while listening to the Stranger Things soundtrack. Honestly, try it. It's dope. Also, you can't miss the art corridor on the lower level movie theater entrance. 


The bathrooms in the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

Call me crazy, but I always make sure the shoes I wear are worthy of the floors in the Dr. Phillips bathrooms. They are glorious and selfie friendly. Sue me! Good bathroom lighting is hard to find!


I remember the first time I tried a Se7enbites pie at Pom Pom's, before the bakery was even open and freaking out over how amazing it was. I hadn't had a pie that good from a local business, ever. Fast forward a few years, and now Chef Trina has a wildly successful business with a very identifiable and highly Instagrammed exterior. There are few places I trust to fill my pie hole. 

se7enbites (1 of 1).jpg

Milk District rotating sign

Outside Sportstown Billiards you'll find this ever changing sign with a new greeting what seems like every few weeks.  

milkdistrictsign (1 of 1).jpg

Valkyrie Doughnuts

Pops of blue, white back-splash, a few light up letters for some sparkle, a mural, and oh yeah DOUGHNUTS! Valkryie may be a small space, but it's full of happy sensor triggers and pillowy doughnuts so good they may actually distract you from snapping a photo at all. Photo credit to my favs Fox + Film Photo


Gypset Trailer

Personally, I'd live in this trailer, and the rent would probably be kinder to me than most studio apartments in Orlando. With the hand painted detail by artist Jessa Bray, and then the stacks of glistening jewerly and hand picked decor by Gypset owner Samantha; it's just a win win all around. 

GypsetTrailer (1 of 1).jpg

Maitland Art Center

This one quickly snapped phone photo doesn't do the Maitland Art Center justice. The grounds and the architecture are stunning, and on a cool day it's a beautiful area to explore and get inspired. 


Owl's Attic

I'm not sure how many articles and documentaries need to keep coming out about inhumane practices and detrimental environmental impacts of huge fashion retailers for people to stop supporting them. If you feel like weaning yourself off the corporate fast fashion lifestyle, start over at the Owl's Attic. It's such a gorgeous shop, with lots of picture perfect nooks, but more importantly, a great selection of items. 

owlsattic (1 of 1).jpg

Orlando Postcard Mural

It's one of my favorite murals in the city, but the hardest part of shooting it, is finding that slim window when no cars are blocking it. 

orlandopostcard (1 of 1).jpg

Morimoto Asia

The glitzy and glittery lighting in the main dining room is enough to stop you dead in your tracks, but as you wander you find more design details making Morimoto a stunning place to dine. Make sure to capture all your photos before diving into the sticky spare ribs. Photo by: Rebecca Carmen


Joysticks Orlando

Sure photos in the dark aren't always the best, but this retro themed bar and arcade is full of amazingly intricate areas dedicated to 80's movies and video games. You won't be able to help yourself from taking a few pics between going for the high schore.

star wars lounge.jpg

All photos are mine unless otherwise credited. Explore your city, support local business, don't take anything personal from someone who doesn't know you personally.