The Glass Knife

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I'll be the first to say that Orlando is definitely missing more dessert options for evening crowds. We have some amazing places for grabbing sweets during the day at our local bakeries, but when people ask me for suggestions of night dessert spots I haven't had a great recommendation since The Dessert Lady left Church Street. 

To avoid the hype I declined an invite to the media event and went on my own time and my own dime to see how the food really stacked up. I was truly hoping The Glass Knife could fill a dessert void, but first impressions have left me skeptical.  

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The pros of the Glass Knife are clearly in the aesthetics and branding. It's gorgeous inside. It feels very Disney; perfectly curated for a whimsical experience that could transport you away from the traffic of 17-92.  You can feast your eyes on design elements, lighting, flooring, and beautiful desserts sitting in their charming case. 

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I purchased a half-dozen doughnuts and a matcha latte ($22). The doughnuts were dry and hard, although they had a nice variety of flavors (orange pistachio, banana pudding, peanut butter cup, blueberry streusel, pumpkin). Most of the doughnuts remained uneaten. My matcha latte was the savior in beautiful blue cups and saucers, although it was served at a very tepid temperature. 

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The avocado toast was a pretty small portion and had almost no avocado. We literally dug for it, only to find a literal sliver buried in a very heavy spread of house-made tomato confit. Half of the toast was left uneaten.

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The twinkie, while looking picture perfect didn't have much filling at all. Another significant bummer.

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Also to be noted, you order and pay at two different stations, so be aware of that.  There is one large communal table in the middle of the space, with one black out booth (we call it the Jay and Bey booth), and then tables lining the outer wall.  There is also an outside patio that is dog friendly. 

Needless to say for me it was an underwhelming experience, and I take no joy in telling you a spot didn't knock it out of the park for me, but not all hope is lost. Obviously this place has a lot more desserts than what I was able to try in one morning, and I'm hopeful that signature cakes is where they shine.  Personally, I will probably give them a few months to get through their opening hurdles and visit them again for an after dinner dessert.

Don't take my word for it, go try it for yourself!