image1 (15) There are two things I can't get enough of. Music and vintage clothing.

Hyped doesn't quite fully express my excitement when I saw that in my 32804 hood, a record store/vintage clothing hybrid was going to open at Foundation. What I didn't expect when I walked in was to meet two literal blood brothers who after an hour of talking all things music, became like my adopted bros and homies for life.

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Peter and Alex hail from New York, and now live in Thornton Park where they have been working hard with their own artist management and event production company.  While that business keeps them on the road at times, they wanted to lay down roots here in Orlando and bring something to the neighborhood that was in line with their passion not only for getting music to the people but also helping independent artists.


Besides old school threads and stacks of records to search through you can get your own records cut here.

 "Most independent artists can't get their music on vinyl. Between the cost and set minimums on orders your average musician can't do it on their own, but they can come to our shop and get even just one record cut if they want.  For now the max is set at fifty records, so it's great for any limited edition runs" Alex stated.


They have amassed an impressive social media following prior to having a brick and mortar shop.  They explained that their following has come from their online record store, Instacrates. For the past year and a half they've held record pop-ups all over Florida and they've become a source for harder to find premium records for fans always on the hunt. They source from all over the country which includes carving out time while they are on the road with artists, checking out the local record stores and vintage shops.

"It allows us to bring bits of unique concepts from other cities right here to Orlando" stated Peter.


That goes for their vintage threads as well, which range from street wear, vintage sports jerseys to polos and flannel. They will also be carrying street brands like Felt and Anwar Carrots which are not available anywhere else in Florida at this time. Soon they hope to have some women's wear collections available.

So why grab a vinyl record instead of purchasing digital downloads?

 "To each their own", states Alex, "but some people may grow tired of the highly compressed sound quality verses what you get listening to a vinyl record.  You also miss the full experience of buying music when all you have is downloads. Buying records is buying something tangible.  You don't get the promotional materials which we also sell, you don't get the experience".


When I find people that really know music I can't help but pick their brains about artists old and new which led to asking the brothers about their favorite current reigning concert experience.  Peter said for him so far it would be seeing Kendrick Lamar back in 2012 at Firestone for the B.E.T Music Matters Tour. For Alex it was seeing Snoop Dog and Sublime together.

When the brothers aren't on the road or working you might catch them at some of their favorite spots in town which include Taco Rico, Drunken Monkey, Yellow Dog Eats, and a neighboring record shop, Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe.

Their Grand Opening is this Saturday, May 14th. It's an all day event that starts around noon. Local businesses will be hanging out with free food & drink from Hubbly Bubbly, The Doghouse and the Soda Fountain along with giveaways and vinyl DJ sets throughout the day.

So go say hello, find some vinyl to take home and follow these bros on Instagram @FoundationCollegePark.