DG Doughnuts


I'm an equal doughnut eating opportunist. That being said, Orlando has been a pretty sad place to live in recent years for someone who loves circles of fried dough as much as I do. Someone recently said to me that doughnuts are a trend, and I'm pretty sure my face turned into the rolling eye emoji. Doughnuts date back long before food trends even existed and in reality, it's a dessert staple that Orlando has been missing for such a long time that we may have forgotten that anything other than Dunkin Donuts were available to you. Our palettes have forgotten what truly homemade from scratch doughnuts taste like! I'm a believer that my generation is trying to correct the deficits that baby boomers have left behind in the wake of inconsistent chains, abandoned shopping malls and big box monsters.  Orlando is trying to play catch up in more ways than one with gems like Valhalla Bakery bringing back the sweet simplicity of these goods and I for one will support anyone willing to join the doughnut revolution.

Perhaps you've seen these newest beauties pop up in your social media feed lately. Ok, my feed. What can I say? Doughnuts and I have a pretty hot and heavy relationship going on. In the sense that after I eat a few I feel a little sweaty and heavier.


So where did these new doughnut appear from? You might remember Amanda from a previous spotlight. She's the head bakery over at 4 Rivers, but she's getting back to her entrepreneurial roots with her latest delicious adventure with DG Doughnuts. The only difference now is that this a family effort.

With her expertise covering all things baked goods I wondered why doughnuts?


"Everyone loves doughnuts, including us, so it seemed like the perfect item to hone in on, that still allows us to be creative and keep things exciting," stated Amanda.Their love of doughnuts is so profound that for fun they would map out doughnut food tours around Central Florida to find all the best doughnuts other bakers were bringing to their local communities. Soon their doughnuts tours became a way to research and taste.  They now have started a small batch doughnut operation delivering to neighborhoods all over Orlando.


Dave, a 20 year veteran in the hospitality industry who has done it all from busing tables to General Manager, heads up the efforts in the kitchen with Amanda. Brian, Amanda's son is becoming a teenage entrepreneur in his own right helping like a pro at their pop ups. After hearing him talk about the business with as much passion as his mother I am eagerly awaiting his appearance on Shark Tank in a few years.Their flavors are constantly changing and it's always exciting to open up a box of a beautiful dozen when it arrives and gaze upon what they've concocted. Some personal standouts for me have been Key Lime Pie, Banana Pudding, and a Nerds doughnut.  Nerds like the candy we grew up eating. I called dibs on it the moment I saw it.


Dave and Amanda come up with new flavors on a regular basis and they are always looking for something new and exciting to try for their customers. Working in kitchens most of his life, Dave has been able to use his skills of opening up a fridge or freezer and skillfully using the ingredients on hand to make an entire meal for staff and customers.  That translates over to all sort of toppings, glazes and flavors which they make fresh each day from scratch. One of the best things about these doughnuts besides the taste is that they are delivered right to your doorstep. It's as easy as firing off an email and waiting impatiently for them to be delivered. Right now their radius is about 30 miles from their base in Longwood.  Delivery charges apply but it's well worth the cost once you sink your teeth into one of these pieces of edible art. If you have specific requests for flavors they ask for a 48-hour heads up. Along with the doughnuts you can add some bottles of their cold brew to your order as well.

If you happen to live on the West side of Orange County you can visit them on Sunday mornings at the Summerport Farmer's Market in Windermere. There you can pick and choose from all the flavors as well as grab growlers of their cold brew while visiting the other vendors that set up shop there.


As the masterminds behind these increasingly popular doughnuts I had to know what their favorite flavors are.

Brian voted his favorite as the cinnamon sugar, Dave voted for the caramel fudge brownie, and Amanda just can't get enough of their glazed doughnut.

The Farmer's Market runs from 10AM - 2PM every Sunday. Get there early, as they've been selling out in as quickly as two hours. For delivery orders email dgdoughnuts@gmail.com. The delivery window during the week is 9AM - 4PM. Follow them for updates on Facebook and on Instagram @dgdoughnuts.