Deeply Coffee

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Our fair city has been so deprived of local coffee shops for such a long time, I'm not sure what we are going to do now that we've seen a surge in caffeinated havens to gather and set up our laptops. Instead of picking a favorite, I'm committed to being a coffee nomad, spreading the wealth to the many worthy contenders in a rotation that supports everyone equally. 

Deeply Coffee is the newest oasis to visit and enjoy in a clean and minimalist atmosphere. While coffee shops don't exist for pictures, I do dig the blank canvas feel at Deeply, because after all, if you are going to pull out your camera you might as well be forced to use the right side of your brain to capture a new angle or perspective. Or you can just enjoy good coffee. As the Black Sheep once said, the choice is yours (that one is for you 90's kids).

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Here are the deets to know before you go:


The shop is located in the bottom of the Aspire building downtown on Washington just a block from Lake Eola.  Metered parking is going to be your best bet, which can easily be found on Rosalind and Jefferson. Remember, metered parking is free on Sunday.


The coffee is being sourced from King State out of Tampa, but four times a year a guest roaster will be added to the menu. It's currently Methodical Coffee from South Carolina which I requested for my flat white.  

The origins are all listed on the paper menus found on the bar, and they range in taste from light and more fruity to darker and more bitter.  A great way to sample is by ordering the One of Everything which comes with about half a shot of espresso, one macchiato, and one drip with a soda water.

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All your standard drinks are here from drips to lattes; but one thing I appreciated on the menu was that it listed the ratio of espresso to milk (or your chosen dairy alternative) by the drink.  Not everyone is well versed in the differences between an Americano and a Flat White, so it's clear there is no shame in being a novice here and you can ask questions with no judgments.  As someone who loves coffee and hates unnecessary elitist coffee snobbery, I was happy to see service being shown even on a menu.

Dairy alternatives include oat and almond milk. If you aren't a coffee person they have matcha and chai on the menu. Beer and wine should be available in the evenings, keep an eye on their Instagram for updates on what they are carrying.

They have two kinds of waffles on the menu, both sweet and savory, along with other locally baked goods. 


Seating is plentiful here, as owners Ryan and Faith made great use of their space. You can choose window bar seating, window banquette style seating with tables, a communal counter and large table, and a few comfy mid-century modern chairs. I did not notice a large amount of outlets, so if you bring your laptop make sure it's fully charged. 

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The address is 111 N.  Magnolia Avenue and the current hours are Sunday - Thursday 6:30 AM - 8:00 PM and 6:30 A.M. - 10:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.  Welcome to the hood Deeply Coffee!

All goods were purchased, this is not a sponsored post.  All photos belong to LemonHearted Creative, please do not use without permission.