An Interview with DaJen Eats

When someone has a personality so warm, honest, positive, and poised for the spotlight; you just can't conduct an interview with a pad and pen. 

Jenn Ross is the Chef and owner behind DaJen Eats, a vegan cafe and creamery in Orlando. Hopefully you have heard of her already, especially recently as she's continually won acclaim from foodies and critics who've sat at tables in a gas station and waited in sometimes long lines for her vegan food with a Jamaican twist.

She has opened up her first independent space in downtown Eatonville, and I asked her a few questions on camera because I think it's imperative you get to know the wonderful human behind the food. She's just that special. 

The full interview is about nine minutes, but I've compiled it into separate shorter clips for your viewing pleasure. 

Meet Chef Jenn and her concept DaJen Eats

How did DaJen begin and grow?

What does it mean to you to open your restaurant in Historic Eatonville?

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs?

To watch the entire video uninterrupted video you can click here.

DaJen Eats is located at 323 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite F in Eatonville. This week Chef Jenn is hosting three scheduled tastings before she is fully open, so make sure to check her instagram @DaJenEats for info and regular hours.