Canon Coffee

The unthinkable has happened. An independent coffee shop has opened in Apopka.

If you know anything about Apopka, you’ll understand that residents are often fed up with the slow pace of retail growth here, despite the seemingly non-stop residential construction, especially found near the 429. Residents often take to the local rants and raves private group on Facebook to vent their frustration as new retail opportunities seem to be limited to dollar stores, auto parts stores, and fast food chains.

While rumors still swirl about a Starbucks coming into the heart of the city, an independent coffee shop has opened on W. 2nd Street called Canon Coffee. Excited posts from locals are helping spread the word through social media with one post alone garnering 364 reactions and 135 comments. Apopka wants their coffee and now they have it!

The new hang out is located in a renovated home on the corner of W 2nd Street and S Lake Ave.

There are two entrances depending on what side of the building you park (it’s also handicap accessible). One doorway leads you into the “front” room with a sharpie wall that leads directly to the barista counter. The other entry way takes you into an open seating area. Feel free to walk through the space until you find the barista counter.

Here’s the info you’ll want to know:

Drink offerings: Coffee offerings are plainly displayed on their menu board. They also have teas, lemonade, and frozen non-alcoholic drinks. There are limited pastries, snack bars, other food offerings.

Dairy alternatives are: Almond, Coconut, and Oat milk

Seating: There are several seating rooms, one even with a door for privacy. There are outlets throughout the space to plug in your laptop.

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Spaces available on both sides of the building.

On my visit I got the “Apopkan”, their signature latte with orange and mocha. Another drink that stood out was the “Artist”, a macchito with raspberry and caramel. The baristas were ready and willing to adjust sweetness levels in any specialty drinks.

It’s still early, but Canon Coffee most definitely stands out as being a delicious alternative to any chains nearby.

If you are excited about a new option in Apopka, go support them so they stick around. The hours are currently Monday - Saturday 7 am - 7 pm.