8 Marketing Myths Debunked


If you own a small business it’s rare you have a dedicated person handled your marketing initiatives or social media strategy. When that happens, all efforts can seem rapid fire, with little to no knowledge outside the basics. You post and move on to keeping the business operating. While that is common and completely understandable given time and budget constraints, that can often lead to misinformation and myths seeping into how we operate.

Bad information can come from just overhearing false info from friends or peers, not doing research, or just being too busy to care about best practices because your head is buried in day-to-day operations.

While your time may still be crunched, and marketing efforts may be lagging behind on your priority list, at least you can be armed with better information regarding some of the common myths floating around.

  • Shadowbanning isn’t a real thing!

  • Facebook, while problematic, is not dead. Elements of it including private Facebook groups and short, engaging videos, can still have a great impact on your brand.

  • Copying and pasting the same caption and using the same photo on every platform may save you time, but you are blatantly ignoring the different audiences, how they engage, and what value they are looking for on each channel when you do this. That is not a strategy.

  • Everyone wants to rank on Google, so they desperately slap together keyword rich blog posts. The problem is, if the information isn’t valuable, or easily consumed by your desired audience because it sounds more like a book report trying to hit a word minimum, you will fail at engaging your audience, including failing to get them to share your content.

  • Loyalty programs are a great idea, but if you treat all consumers equal, you may be neglecting the core customers who are keeping you in business.

  • Instagram stories is a hotbed of real-time brand relevancy and consumer engagement through DM’s. If you think you can throw any content into stories just because it only lasts 24 hours you are dead wrong. This is another place to have a strategy, that may be less perfectly curated, relaxed and real, but highly effective.

  • Of course, you need a website! There are so many reasons why, I’m not even going to list them because it’s just so foolish not to have one. PeriodT.

If you are interested in more in-depth information as it relates to marketing campaigns, strategies, best practices, or an overall consultation on your current state of digital affairs in the restaurant or retail world, feel free to reach out.