West Art District


The historic neighborhood of Parramore has been experiencing some gentrification thanks in part to the new Orlando City Soccer stadium nearing completion along West Church Street.


Besides new businesses like the Broken String Brewery moving in to get on the ground floor of the hopeful revitalization, an arts district has popped up to breathe new life and some added color to the neighborhood. It's called the West Art District, and can be found at 1011 W. Central Blvd., just a few blocks from the new stadium.

Three partners bought the property last year, including Bobby Davidowitz who I spoke with briefly as I toured the property.


They have a vision that is still being put together one piece at a time as they reach out to interested partners in the community. Potential for a brewery along with pop-up businesses and a courtyard for visitors to enjoy was mentioned.  At this time artists do not have to pay to rent a space to showcase their art, but they do have to request a spot by appointment. The property has a local artist, Noun, that is helping curate the space so the art that goes up stays within their theme of love, unity and community. The walls will rotate and the art will be kept within the parameters of how they want their culture to be seen by the community.The police have already informed them that crime and littering has improved on the streets nearby, which is both encouraging and helpful as they will need community support as they continue with their vision. They have even hired locals from the area to help around the property. It's good to note that the property is protected by a gate and fence and has hours when it is open to the public. However that doesn't mean you can roll in for a photo shoot any time you want. All inquires must go through Harrison, their property manager. You can reach out to him by following their Instagram account @WestArtDistrict, and sending him a direct message.


Time will tell if this is the beginning of Orlando's own Wynwood Arts District, but regardless it's nice to see an otherwise plain shell of a building be given some new life with some exciting additions on the horizon.