Your Food is Arriving Now

"Your food is arriving now" is the new "you've got mail". There are no sweeter words to pop up on your phone other than maybe a direct deposit bank alert, or perhaps a Netflix push notification that your favorite show is coming back with new episodes.

Despite my best efforts to cook more, UberEats and Postmates have infiltrated my life in ways I am not proud of. I find myself ordering from a local restaurant on a weekly basis, and it's honestly becoming a bad habit I'm trying to get a grip on. They've made it so easy to have several options one click away, which just indulges my hatred of cooking.

I have a few favorites, but I've tried to expand my ordering to go beyond those and measure how they stack up against one another to help you navigate the many choices at your fingertips. This isn't a pros and cons list of one verses the other, just my experiences with both as I order all my "terrible wife" meals. However, if that is the info you were looking for I will say I use Postmates more because they have more restaurants that I love, but also because there is more incentive to use them on a recurring basis; but UberEats doesn't have as many fees as Postmates. 

Black Rooster Taqueria

Platform: UberEats & Postmates

Black Rooster is probably our most ordered dinner hands down. My husband is a huge fan of their tacos and it's always his first choice. The Black Rooster Asada is my favorite thanks to rich flavors and of course BACON in each bite.  Delivery from Black Rooster is almost always fast even on a busy weekend night. The tacos are swaddled tightly in aluminum foil and the tortillas have never come soggy. The all-important lime is always included, and it's been a consistent crowd-pleaser. 


Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwichera

Platform: Postmates

Pom Pom's is one of my favorite places to grab a sandwich IRL, but I was afraid of how they would travel.  Turns out I was right to be worried. Unfortunately one of the best things about Pom Pom's is actually their downfall when it comes to delivery. I ordered the Fu Man Chu sandwich which was overflowing with asian pulled pork but that caused it to be a bit of a soggy mess by time it got to my house. A for effort Pom's, but I may find a different sandwich that isn't so meat heavy or just keep enjoying your goodness in your actual restaurant.


Ravenous Pig

Platform: UberEats

Ordering lunch from Ravenous Pig while I'm busy working from home will not become a regular thing, but I did it for research purposes and I really wanted to try their Farmer Salad. At $13 I was disappointed by the portion size.  I loved the salad, but there wasn't much of it. While the to-go containers they are using are very nice and durable, they simply didn't fill it up with enough greenery for me, and I definitely felt cheated. Thank goodness my pimento cheese and warm pretzel bread saved the day and filled me up. It's doubtful I will order them again. Notice I'm not asking for more bacon, I'm asking for more LETTUCE. Ya'll can easily fix that. 

Ravenous Pig_Delivery_Orlando

Pizza Bruno

Platform: UberEats

I'm a member of the Pizza-Bruno-can-do-no-wrong club, and I'm sure there are many other members.  On a Friday night at home with friends, gathered around the t.v. to watch new episodes of Kimmy Schmidt, we ordered the "family dinner". You get 2 one-topping pizzas, the kale salad and garlic knots.  We re-heated our pizzas briefly in the oven, although they did arrive warm, and had a delicious evening. The garlic knots and kale salad travel well, and the pizzas were crispy and savory as always. Pizza Bruno remains heavy on the delivery rotation.

Shake Shack

Platform: Postmates

My husband hates Shake Shack, and I love it. The perfect time to order it for lunch or dinner is when he isn't around and I'm living my best life at home in my pajamas.  Shake Shack wins all the awards for their ingenious delivery packaging. Their bag has a built in holder at it's base which keeps your food secure throughout delivery and nothing arrives askew. My burgers and fries have never been soggy and the shakes and custards have also arrived without melt. Forever a fan, no shame in my basic game. 

Tako Cheena

Platform: Postmates

I will be honest, I was worried about how my order from Tako Cheena would come, but it's really no different than when you order it to-go and pick it up. Everything is securely covered in aluminum foil and nothing was soggy, my empanada was still very warm and crispy!  Phew! 


Kabooki Sushi

Platform: Postmates

I love Kabooki Sushi, so I was excited to see it was on Postmates.  I ordered two rolls, edamame, and the Bangkok Dreams for dessert which is sticky rice, fresh mango, and coconut ice cream. Everything traveled well and I was happy with my meal, but Kabooki is not cheap when it comes to rolls, so while they are good, they probably won't enter heavy rotation for the sake of my wallet. Also it would be helpful it they were a little more clear on the descriptions on their menu items since you don't have a server to ask. That dessert tho...that is going to be a never ending temptation.



Platform: Postmates & Uber Eats

I'm mildly obsessed with Mamak for a few reasons.  Their sesame chilled noodles salad is something I could honestly eat everyday of my life. Their Roti Canai is perfect every 👏 single👏 time. Their Mamak fries with a five spice seasoning is very addictive, and if that wasn't enough they have a pretty solid Pad Thai.  I know we have a lot of options when it comes to differing Asian foods in town, but I love Mamak pretty hard right now. 


Jesse's Rib Shack

Platform: UberEats

If you haven't gotten food from Jesse's Rib Shack yet, please do yourself a favor and order it. His location is downtown, not far from the Citrus Bowl or whatever terrible name it has now, and his menu is available on UberEats which makes life easier and finger-licking good. On my first attempt I wanted to try a few different things so I got ribs, fried shrimp and wings altogether. He has combos you can choose from to mix and match.  I decided to pass on the sides and stick with my proteins. If I had to chose a favorite I think I'd say it was the wings, but that is with no disrespect to the other items. This food is legit and if you aren't about it, you are missing out. 


Pig Floyd's

Platform: Postmates

Pig Floyd's has always been a favorite of mine. I'm so glad they are on Postmates.  My regularly ordered items are the shrimp and sausage tacos with a side of street corn. The to-go containers work pretty well and overall I've had all good experiences. However, if they are slammed in the restaurant it seems like they will forgo taking delivery orders as I have had an order denied. 

Other places I've had success with are Anh Hong, Pho and Roll, RusTeak, Black Bean Deli (minus my driver forgetting half my order once), Jade Asian Bistro, 4Rivers, Hubbly Bubbly, and yes I'll admit it, I've absolutely ordered from Krispy Kreme. 

Krispy Kreme_Delivery_Orlando

All pictures are mine, all food was paid for by me