Thornton Park Garage Art

If you haven't heard, the Thornton Park Main Street District put out the call for artists to come adorn the bottom floor of the parking garage on N. Eola Drive with their art.  

Not all the artwork is finalized yet, but there was enough color to go and capture with my friend, creator of Orlando Shirts, Liv.  She modeled, I tried to hide, and we wanted to share the new spots for locals to take their own photos. 

Find the local artists we spotted on Instagram:

  • @whoisfredmline
  • @sumnerahh 
  • @eastdocht
  • @chrissiegraceartist
  • @johnnycoppersnake

What to know:

  • If you are familiar with Thornton Park, this garage faces Summerlin Avenue, but cars enter on Eola Drive. 
  • This is NOT a free garage, so make sure you are aware of that if you plan on parking in it.
  • Do not, under any circumstances try and park in the 7-11 parking lot on Summerlin. You WILL GET TOWED. No doubt. 
  • All of the murals are on the bottom level except for the colorful dog mural with you see as you go up the first level. 
  • Lighting can be tricky, but enough natural light gets in through the open areas to suffice. We shot in the morning, but as the sun sets you should get a pretty nice glow into that area of the garage. 
  • While the parking garage is for patrons of the shops and restaurants in the area, people also live in the building it's attached to so respect the space and the other cars in the garage.

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This is in no way a promo for Orlando Shirts or a paid ad. This is two gal pals having fun in the City Beautiful.