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Taqueria El Gordo

I love when my food-loving peeps are looking out for me.  My friend Betty tipped me off to Taqueria El Gordo in Casselberry, and I will forever be in her debt because I was so blown away by this colorful hole-in-the-wall.  The tacos are cheap, with generous portions of meat (depending on the protein they start at 99 cents) and they are bursting with flavors due to their marinating process.  There is a full toppings bar, as the tacos only come with onions and cilantro. The horchata is served in a large frosty mug and had just the right balance of sweetness.  The elote ($2.95) was exceptional; it came juicy and slathered in cojita cheese and spices. I could go on forever because this place has me so hyped, but go check it out for yourself.  Make sure to look at the black board in the back right hand corner for new menu items.

Tin & Taco

This spot is one of the newer taco joints downtown, near Orange Avenue and Washington Street (Planet Pizza turf).  You can select from the protein menu and get options as tacos, rice bowls, burritos, salads, or In-The-Bag (Doritos).  I stayed in my lane and got two tacos. The Tacosaurus (Angus ground beef, Jack and Cheddar, lettuce, pico, and crushed Doritos) and the Maui (shredded pork, fresh pineapple, tangy bbq). I really liked their tortillas, they were just a bit crispy without breaking apart. I did not fall in love with the guacamole, it was lacking in flavor for me, but anyone that sprinkles Doritos on tacos will receive mention in my food memoir (working title: I ate till I stopped).

Hunger Street Tacos

Ironically, I always go for the quesadillas at Hunger Street, but I have lots of love for their brisket. Make sure you try the Chicharron de Queso ($8) because why wouldn't you want seared Gouda cheese crisp, served with guacamole and salsa.  They added new tacos including a fried avocado and grilled cheese taco, so I definitely need to research those soon, as well as their horchata. 

Black Rooster 

Black πŸ‘RoosterπŸ‘ Asada πŸ‘ Taco πŸ‘. That's all I have to say. Ok, well that and the Crispy Fish taco. I love their tortillas and how they are always so fresh and soft.  If you are into supporting local businesses as more than a fad, the couple that owns Black Rooster are pretty sweet people. Their agua frescas are pretty bomb too.

Feeling lazy? They are on Postmates and UberEats.

Tako Cheena

Tacos with an Asian twist are always my jam. The more ethnicities I can taste in my food the better. My favorites are the Panko Crusted Cod and the Korean Beef, but I especially love ordering a side of kimchi fries to go with them.


Their Instagram feed might make you feel like this place is only for the beautiful people, who somehow always look flawless eating tacos.  I never look like that eating tacos, so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. You may be weary of the trendy vibes, but honestly the tacos are pretty good and they won't break the bank. On a few occasions I've enjoyed the pork belly, cauliflower, banh mi, and ribeye tacos.  The chorizo was no buneo, which made me sad.  While this is not a locally owned place, it still has a fun atmosphere to enjoy. 

Taco Rio

I wanted to love Taco Rio because it was so hood, located in a Food Mart on Formosa; I just knew it had to be good. Sadly it did not wow me or my friend that accompanied me. Interestingly it has a great rating on Yelp, so maybe I visited on an off day. If you go and you love it, tell me what you ordered!


Wako Taco

Right next door to the Hourglass Brewery you'll find Wako Tako. There is a definite Nacho Libre vibe here with a luchadores mask greeting you on the wall when you enter the "ring". The food is moderately priced (three tacos for $9), so it won't be an expensive outing, and some boast they have the best chimichanga around. The tacos were decent, but I need to back and try more.


Taqeuria El Mexicano

You can't miss this spot on Orange Blossom Trail.  A huge chili pepper with a sombrero is on the side of the building and greets you as you drive southbound. It's a family affair here, and all the tacos are a knockout.  Prices range depending on the meat, but are all around $1.25-$1.50 each, and don't forget a helping of their guacamole. Their horchata is a little too sweet for me here, so I usually opt for a Jarritos soda.

Farm & Haus

If you are wondering why Farm Haus is on this list, it's because they have been known to serve tacos, and when they do, they are delicious.  They are having a taco day special, serving Lineage Coffee rubbed steak & pineapple tacos.  If you love it, good chances it will make more appearances. 

Rocco's Tacos

The patio at Rocco's Tacos is such a great place to enjoy your tacos al fresco.  You can enjoy the view of Little Sand Lake, get some table side guacamole, and choose from their bountiful taco menu.  The street corn isn't a bad addition either.


Pig Floyd's

If there is one dish I will probably never tire of at Pig Floyd's it's the Shrimp & Chorizo taco. Corn, pickled onions and scallions all add to the flavor with a cilantro sauce that gets drizzled on top.  It's just so good. The pork belly and the La Vaca Tahkaw (brisket) run a close second.


Taste of Yucatan

I went to Taste of Yucatan and had one of the most delicious fast casual Mexican meals in recent memory, and we were literally the only people in the restaurant. Granted, they have a drive-thru, but I really hope Orlando is not sleeping on this place. The guacamole is excellent, the meat was juicy and flavorful, the portions are generous, and the price is right. Get some.

Tortas el Rey

This old Checkers building was converted into a small street taco drive-thru palace.  They offer far more than tacos, but I usually stick with that and get a variety of meats.  Their chorizo packs a powerful kick that isn't for those that can't handle their spice, like me. I finished mine with tears in my eyes, but it was worth it.  We passed up the drive-thru and sat outside while the sun set and enjoyed our bounty.  Sure, some sketchy looking characters rolled by as we ate, but don't let that scare you off. In the hood, we all fam.

Fuzzy Taco Shop

First off, putting the word "fuzzy" in the name of a place that serves food is weird. Fuzzy's isn't a local spot, rather a chain that came to Central Florida not too long ago.  Truthfully, this isn't top on my taco list. It was lacking flavor in the meat, although their guacamole was pretty good.  It's quick service, so it's not a bad lunch option for you if it's nearby, but I can't say I have a hankering to go back for anything other than the warm Oreo churros.

Fuzzy Taco

Taqueria Ameca

Near the top of my list of FAH REAL tacos is Taqueria Ameca. There are two locations, Orange Avenue South of Downtown and Orange Blossom Trail.  The image below is a platter of four meats, Asada, Barbacoa, Carnitas, and Chorizo.  Each one better than the last.  Tacos were $1.25 each and took less than five minutes to get to my table. The toppings bar came with a variety of sauces, a mix of cilantro and diced onions, and of course the almighty lime wedge.

Reyes Mezcaleria

First off, I need to know what in tarnation happened to my beloved elote here? What happened to the beautiful, huge cob that made me feel like a King feasting on something more decadent than any theme park turkey leg ever did!? I need answers! Regardless of elote-gate, the tacos at Reyes are delicious. My favorites are the crispy fish and short rib. Always get the chips. Always.

Taco Reindo

Apopka is actually low-key taco central. You just have to be willing to go into small, not always pretty, authentic spots where there may be a language barrier.  One of my favorites is on Orange Blossom Trail hidden away in-between easily missed shops.  Taco Reindo has good horchata, cheap tacos without missing the mark on savory flavors, and a welcoming staff that won't mind if your Spanish is terrible and you are a disgrace to your heritage.

Taqueria Taco Riendo.jpg

Gringos Locos

I know a lot of people love Gringos Locos, but I'm not sure I totally get it. It's not BAD, but we just have so many other options that offer a bit more flavor. That being said, the Double D's tacos are definitely worth getting if you are short on cash or hangry near one of their locations. 


Ocoee Taco Company

This is a tiny place, family-owned, right in the heart of Ocoee. The tacos needed more flavor for my palate, but I loved their fresh salsa, guacamole and horchata. Despite not leaving wowed, this was a sweet place run by some very friendly locals.  I'd still be up for giving it another try. 

Taco Bell

Yes, Taco Bell is on my list. You know why? Because when I was broke, working two jobs seven days a week, paying for my own apartment, heck my whole life at 19 years old, the Bell kept me alive. I knew exactly how much loose change I needed to find under car floor mats or in couch cushions to have dinner and live to see another day. #NeverForget

taco bell

Disclosure: No one paid me to write this post, or feature their establishment in it. All food, with the exception of Bartaco, was paid for by me. All photos are mine and cannot be used without permission.

Explore your city, support your local businesses, pay for your own dang food, stop messaging businesses that you want free food in exchange for "exposure", don't say you are a foodie and eat at the same places over and over again.