Se7enbites of Heaven

I am very excited about a new bakery in Orlando and I have to spread the word.  I am a regular patron of a delightful sandwich shop called Pom Pom’s, off of Bumby.  In the past months I have enjoyed these delicious mini pies that they sell from a bakery called “Se7enbites”. As first taste I was hooked and immediately had to find them online to see if they had a shop. At the time, they did not, but I was able to find them on Facebook and see where else the baker sold her goods around town.

Just a few weeks ago, the owners took the plunge in to a brick and mortar operation and opened a bakery near the Milk District on Primrose just East of downtown.  It has taken me a few weeks to get to check it out, as they are only open til 3PM, which is a total bummer for us 9-5 people, but I get it, “baker hours”.  I finally was able to go last Saturday for lunch and was so blown away by a fresh breakfast biscuit I had.  “The Southern” is a fresh biscuit with bacon (and some other meats) which creamy chive grits smothered a top it.  I gobbled it up so quickly, trying to get every last bit of grit in my mouth, and I wanted more.

We couldn't leave without some sweet treats that we had been eyeballing since we walked in, so my husband got a huge piece of a pumpkin cake that was probably the most moist and light piece of cake I’ve ever had in my life. I also took a piece of lavender shortbread home which I ate the next morning and was still the perfect consistency.

The inside is very cute and simple. A long L-shaped wooden bench lines most of the two walls not taken up with the counter loaded with goodies, and tables sit in front of the bench with chairs.  At quick glance it can probably sit at max 20 people. Chef Trina was front and center and very warm and friendly.  There was an unidentified male counterpart helping her, who was also very nice and warm.

I asked her how business was, hoping the community was rallying around her, and she smiled and said that business has been great since they opened.  I really love this place, and although I may not be able to get there except on the weekends, I will make it a regular stop when I feel like indulging in a carbohydrate feast for the senses.