Retromended Vintage


If you ask me, Brandy Tezak is #ladyboss goals. Her shop Retromended which I've swooned about before, has moved from Ivanhoe Village to a new home in the Mills/50 district. It is a much larger space than the quaint hidden gem beyond the courtyard that we use to love, but wow, I am in love with her new home. Her front window gives us a glimpse into exactly how you should feel about what you wear, especially vintage, which can have a polarizing effect for some. There are no rules, wear what you want.


Along with the pieces she sources herself she has a few more vendors in the new space. As we browsed together she joked that she in fact might be in trouble in her own shop with the tantalizing goods from other local makers and thrifters. The additional vendors include:


The space was gutted and transformed into a fresh open area with great lighting that is extremely pleasing to the eye, not to mention easily navigable, as each rack hosts its own mixture of pieces in the same color scheme.

Making an even more palatable shopping experience is Brandy herself who has a knack for picking out pieces that you either already had your eye on or didn't know you needed until you put it on. I walked right by a dress I ended up purchasing because Brandy knew it was my style, without being pushy or aggressive.

An added treat is getting to snuggle with her pup Sadie while you shop.


So go check out her new space, conveniently located right next door to Tako Cheena.  Parking is either on the street, or in one of her reserved spaces behind the shop.



Tuesday – Friday: 11am to 7pm

Saturday: 10am to 7pm

Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

Monday: Closed