Owl's Attic

owls4Orlando has quite a few alternatives to shopping at the mall and gathering pieces that help you stay true to your own style. Instead of wearing the same cheaply manufactured clothes as everyone else I'm thankful I have shops were I can carefully select items with a history that add life to my existing wardrobe. Some people think it's weird that I wear black ankle lace up boots with retro feminine dresses, but I could care less what anyone thinks, and resale shops encourage the independent energy of mixing and matching and finding your own funk.


The Owl's Attic is fast becoming one of my favorite vintage shops in town, and I was over the moon when I learned that they were opening up a new location just minutes from my house.

When you walk in you are transported to into a space that I could only dream of curating for myself down to mustard lounge chairs and the rug hooked owl art. If there was room in my tiny College Park bungalow for a "Lindsey only" area it would look a lot like this place.

Racks line the two main walls as you walk in with merchandise for both men and women, along with a few home goods pieces and lots of accessories. You aren't limited to just a few items, but you can choose from an assortment of vests, skirts, dresses, tops, shoes, purses, wallets, belts and jewelry.

Pricing varies depending on the piece, but leans more toward the affordable side of the spectrum. Another added bonus is that it is located in the second strip of shops on Corrine Drive that has much more open parking and it's near Bluebird Bakery.

I've recently purchased a few eccentric dresses with great patterns and some great accessories so I urge you lover's of vintage to make this a regular spot to Shop Small.

Follow them on Facebook here or on Instagram at the_owls_attic.

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