Cool for the Summer

La Isla Del Frappe

This isn't your average food truck. La Isla del Frappe is actually a mega food trailer, practically a full restaurant on wheels that parks at Goldenrod and E. Colonial.  While you can get actual food like tostones, monfongo, and burgers, I'm a little addicted to their amazing frappes. 

As you approach the colorful trailer you will see a grid of the over 40 types of frappes. So many options stuffed with chocolate covered strawberries, Swiss Cake rolls and rainbow sour strips and the additional candy of your choosing. When you go you'll feel like you are in the middle of a family reunion that you weren't invited to but are welcome to attend.

Pop Bar

It's a good thing that the Pop Bar came to the Prime Outlets, cause it's the perfect way to dull your rage when a woman steals a parking spot from you while her daughters laugh and point in the back seat. I wanted to find her and beat her senseless but after sticking the milk chocolate and pistachio pop in my mouth, like a sweet pacifier, it calmed me.

The pops are basically gelato on a stick, however there are fruit sorbet flavors as well.  They will cost you around $5 which is well worth the break you'll need after the parking lot nightmare you are sure to encounter.


Boba spots have truly taken off in Orlando, so it's not hard to find your own favorite spot for Boba or milk slushes, but I can assure none of them have quite the regal swag as Bambu.  Over in the Pine Hills area you'll find Bambu desserts and drinks with several options for smoothies, Vietnamese coffee, popsicles, boba, and Hong Kong waffles with ice cream, among other items.  Go pick a chair, sit proudly on it, and treat yo self. 

Frozen Cow Ice Cream

If you love ice cream but aren't a fan of bovine growth hormones (shouldn't that be all of us) head to Frozen Cow Ice Cream. Located in Winter Garden off of Vineland Road, Frozen Cow boasts ice cream from Florida free-range cows, no high fructose corn syrup, and the use of only pure sugar cane. It's a bright and clean space perfect for taking a gaggle of kids after they've ran through the splash pad in downtown. The creation below is a doughnut ice cream sundae best split with friends for half the guilt.

Ice & Bites Cafe

Ice & Bites has been on my lists before for their delicious taiyaki and ice cream, but they have several cool-down options including this fanciful affogato. Pick your choice of ice cream (I chose lavender) and get a mug full of it topped with cotton candy and two pocky sticks and your espresso on the side. Additionally they have Sno, Boba Teas, Milk Teas, and other ice cream creations. 

Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream

I love Kelly's ice cream so much that I've been known to go there late at night in my pajamas with no shame in my comfort game.  Her Mexican Chocolate, Alligator Tracks, and Rose Almond Pistachio are some of my favorite flavors. She continuously has new seasonal flavors to keep guests engaged as well as new items like this waffle taco ice cream sandwich. 

West Orange Creamery

Whether you want a simple scoop of ice cream, an egg cream or an ample sundae, this relatively new spot in Ocoee is a great spot to gather with plenty of indoor and outdoor patio seating.  The owners struck a nice balance of an old-fashioned soda fountain with classic branding and modern fixtures.  On my first visit I ordered a 16 oz milkshake ($5.50) with hazelnut ice cream, whipped cream and of course a cherry on top. 

It's located right in front of the West Orange Five Cinema (known as the Orange Tree to us old school residents). 

Valkyrie Donuts

Doughnuts and ice cream are the ultimate dessert combo. Valkyrie knows this well, so everyday at their East Orlando location you can get vegan soft serve desserts (follow their Instagram for daily flavors) as well as Dole Whip concoctions. Pictured below was the drink of the day on my last visit packed with oreos and a perfect glazed doughnut on top. Right now all I really want is a chocolate yeast doughnut with a side of matcha soft serve. If a hot doughnut isn't the answer while you are sweating through your shirt, try one of her cooler treats. 

Frostville Chamoyadas

If you don't know what Chamoyada is, it's a Mexican dessert that you may or may not love.  It is essentially a combination of chamoy sauce, shaved ice, chili powder, fruit chunks and a tamarind straw. I won't lie, it was weird and I can only imagine it's an acquired taste. However that is just one of the many options you can get at this hole in the wall in Apopka off of O.B.T. The other item I tried was a delicious fruit cup topped with strawberry ice cream. Much more pleasing to my palate.

Peterbrooke Chocolate

With all the chocolate lining the walls at Peterbrooke you may forget they have delicious gelato. Outside of their regular cones you can choose to get your choice of gelato put inside a warm bubble waffle, also known as the Hong Kong Waffle.  You can get a regular waffle or chocolate and then add additional sweet toppings.  Yes, it's as good as it looks and will cost you $8. Give yourself about five minutes after you order for them to make you a fresh waffle.

Midnight Sun Ice Cream

I can only assume people are sick of me singing the praises of Midnight Sun, but I'll never stop. If I only had one option for ice cream for the rest of my life Midnight Sun would win easily. These days Orlando seems to only see their traveling truck at the Milk District's Tasty Takeover, but if you don't mind the trip to Deland they are regularly at the Friday night Farmer's Market at Artisan Alley from 6PM - 9PM. I promise you, no matter where they are, it's worth your gas money. 


If you are at the East End Market and are looking for a cold treat you can head into Domu and ask the bartender for their current flavor of soft serve ice cream. They've had Matcha, Taro, and hopefully the alcoholic rumchata soft serve they were testing will be in rotation soon. The soft serve itself is good, but my personal opinion is that they need stronger cones then the one I got. 

Pop Parlour

If ice cream isn't your jam don't forget about refreshing popsicles you can grab around town. At the Pop Parlour you can choose between fruity, creamy, and boozy. There is the location downtown near Lake Eola, perfect to grab during the Sunday Farmer's Market or the location on the UCF campus. 


Over in the Plant Street Market in Winter Garden you'll find a tiny cart filled with Paleteria pops that are huge and delicious. I could barely finish the Nutella pop I got. Grab one of these as you walk through downtown Winter Garden. 


Don't think of Se7enbites as just a place to get a your pastry fix this summer. Chef Trina knows it's a summer essential to add homemade ice cream to the mix. Specialty ice cream treats will be on the menu for the season with flavors changing weekly. Pictured below is Earl Grey ice cream with blueberry pie filling nestled between two flaky pie crust cookies. It was heavenly. Next up starting this Friday they will be featuring a Savannah Butter mint ice cream sandwiches between two luscious chocolate chocolate chip cookies. You better be there!

The Sanctum Cafe

Vegan friends don't fret, the Sanctum has you covered in the dessert department.  Pictured below is their basil cashew ice cream served with fruit.  You can tell I was excited to dig in because this picture is blurry and it was the only one I took.  It was a truly guiltless treat that tasted great. Their ice cream is "while supplies last" only so check their Instagram for updates on flavors and availability. 

Mr. Cool Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream is getting more and more popular. Mr. Cool is just one of quite a few new spots that have popped up.  If you haven't watched rolled ice cream being made it's pretty mesmerizing or stressful depending on how OCD you are. This particular spot is on I-Drive (the quieter end) and it has plenty of flavors and options. Rolled ice cream is much lighter than traditional ice cream so it's a great alternative for something light when you have a sweet craving. If International Drive isn't convenient for you there are rolled ice cream spots in Windermere, Winter Park, and over by UCF.

Snowbean Cafe

I'm still trying to learn the different Korean desserts like Bingsu (shaved ice with toppings) and Patbingsu (pictured below) which is shaved iced crunchy cereal, almonds and condensed milk. Still not sure I have is straight, but I know it tastes good. If you need something simpler they also have adorable fruit popsicles you can enjoy while taking in the lake view.


Famously known for their marshmallows, Wondermade recently renovated their space in historic Downtown Sanford to be a full dessert cafe.  A new look comes with a new menu of flavors and treats like a toasted popsicle or "smores popsicle", and the "Krispwich", a Rice Krispies ice cream sandwich. I've always been a fan of their flavors like avocado and horchata, but I can't wait to visit and try the new items. 

Twistee Treat

I know I'm not blowing anyone's mind by adding Twistee Treat to this list, but I have to because it was the only place I ever got ice cream from growing up. The only item I have ever ordered is the vanilla soft serve dipped in butterscotch coating and it's perfect every time.


All photos were taken by me and cannot be used without my permission. All food was paid for by me, this is not a sponsored post and I was not paid to include any business within this round-up. I am currently suffering from ice cream bloat.