Orlando Photo Spots Part II

Surprisingly, one of my more popular posts was the last time I shared photo spots around town. It's clear you guys love taking pictures and feel the same pain I do when I ask where something is and I'm met with silence. I'll never understand why people are so stingy with sharing locations of places that they do not own.  

I'm always down to share photo worthy locations with you all and I'm constantly taking photos when I come across something cool. While not everyone may have the same taste as I do and think these spots are photo worthy, if nothing else, perhaps it will highlight new places for you to check out.

Downtown White Wall & Stairs

Where:  Church Street along the SunRail tracks across from Ferg's Depot

What to know: There is 15-minute parking a little ways down toward Orange, but other than that there is no easy access parking nearby. 


Random Turquoise Wall

Where: Santa Rosa Drive (near Hot Dog Heaven)


Pink Building

Where: Next to Black Bean Deli on E. Colonial

What to know: This area is pretty quiet, but it is a business so use discretion.

Park Aire Apartments

Where: 640 Park Avenue Winter Park

What to know: There are private property signs so take photos at your own risk.

Lil Indies Patio

Where: 1036 N Mills Ave

What to know: Buy a drink if the bar is open, don't be a mooch.

Mystery blue building

Where: 1111 E. Park Lake Street Orlando

Brick + Pink Warehouse

Where: 698 Brookhaven Drive Orlando

What to know: There is plenty of street parking, but during the day this appears to be an operational warehouse of some sort, so go after business hours.

Note: There are hazardous materials going in and out of this building. Shoot there at your own risk.

Murals inside Fashion Square Mall

Where: Fashion Square Mall, bottom floor movie theater entrance corridor

Greenery covered wall

Where: S. Virginia Ave Winter Park

What to know: This is the parking lot behind the Allstate building on New England

Modern Yellow Door

Where: Woodward Street Orlando, after Ming's Bistro


White textured wall with greenery

Where: Behind King Bao

What to know: Plenty of parking. Wall faces North. 

Update: This wall has been painted over, but is still a photo spot.

Large Mustard Yellow Wall

Where: Downtown Sanford - S. Palmetto Avenue

What to know: Plenty of street parking. The wall faces East.

Exposed Brick Wall

Where: Downtown Sanford - S. Palmetto Avenue

What to know: Plenty of street parking. The wall faces West.

Update: This brick wall has been painted.

Tiger Mural

Where: E. Colonial in alley next to Shin Jung

What to know: This was created by local artist @CHAYAAV_

King Triton & Octopus Mural

Where: Altaloma Avenue across from Sam Flax

What to know: This was created by local artists @stephwoodart and @theunsigned.artist

Update: This wall has been painted over with new art. Refer to the most recent photo spots post.

Hunger Street Tacos Murals

Where: Hunger Street on Fairbanks Avenue

What to know: Peak times for no crowds are in the morning or you can go during operating hours and grab some tacos after you shoot.

Rock N' Roll Heaven

Where: Orange Avenue (Ivanhoe Village) next to The Imperial

What to know: The room to the left when you walk in is packed to the fills with vinyl, plus the outdoor neon looks great at night. 

Yellow and Green background walls

Where: Edgewater Drive - LemonTree Realty building

What to know: Plenty of street parking. Narrow alley so minimal space.

Yellow Bears

Where: Mills and Canton Street

What to know: Shaded and covered

Rainbow Road

Where: In front of the Townhouse restaurant in Oviedo

New General

Where: 155 E New England Ave, Winter Park

What to know: Don't plan a photo shoot without buying a coffee at minimum. It's rude.

Double Vision Wall

Disney Springs outside the Coca Cola Store

What to know: If you are standing outside the entrance to the Coca Cola store, walk to the left in-between the bushes and the glass wall. (shout out to my friend @RebeccaCarmen on helping me discover this).

Field of skinny trees

Where: Kelly Park Road in Apopka next to Growers Supply 

What to know: This wooded area is right by the road so you don't have to go deep into any wooded area for any shots, and there are were no visible "No Trespassing" signs or any fences. 

Fashion Square Mall Arcade

Where: Upper level of Fashion Square Mall, across from the movie theater

What to know: Lots of colors, but indoor lighting

Update: This arcade has closed.

All photos are the property of Lemonhearted and should not be used without permission.