Mellow Music Monday

I wouldn't be able to make it through the work day without my trusty Beats by Dre and my Pandora station.  I'm always discovering new (to me) music both old and new.  I figured I would start to catalog some of my favorites and share them. Today I feeling really mellow, and that is reflected in this list below. First Aid Kit - Stay Gold

This true Sister Act from Stockholm has quickly become one of our favorite female duos.  It's blue-grassy country infused soul, mixed with very soft pop. I'm a sucker for good harmonies, and their voices blend so beautifully in an almost ethereal manner.  A part of me feels like this could be similar to if Jenny Lewis had a sister she sang with and softened up her rock tracks slightly. I can't wait to see them at the Beacham on November 4th. I will be wearing something Stevie Nicks inspired perhaps.

Broods - Coattails

While most people are getting familiar with the duo Chvrches (whom I do like, but have low expectations for their live show next month) I stumbled upon Broods who are put in the same electro-pop category.  I really love their vibe and ease of their melodies. Coattails is on their EP, and with the release of a full studio album in August, I'm hoping they will tour soon.


Peter Bradley Adams - The Longer I Run

He's not quite Ray Lamontagne status yet, but his voice is almost as soothing and beautiful as Ray's.  I picture being on a farm lying in a hammock on a beautiful day sipping lemonade listening to this and wanting nothing else in life.


INF - Yes My Dear

In case Peter lulled you to sleep, here is a bit of a groove by INF.  I love how it starts, a total psychedelic feel at first and then it goes into a nice jam.


Ou Est Le Swimming Pools - Dance the Way I Feel 

Yes the video looks like a group of bros filming a bad video in their living rooms back in the early 90's and that is a part of it's charm.  Also, who hasn't ever wanted to bust out a move but didn't for fear of the judgement eyes around them? Stop! Just dance the way you feel!

Sadly they aren't together anymore since one of their members while you can people.


Chet Faker - No Diggity

Yes that No Diggity. There are no words for how sick this cover is. Enjoy.


Milk Carton Kids - Michigan

Sorry, more sad, stare out the window while it rains with a cup of tea in your hands, all-the-feels music. Milk Carton Kids are an indie-folk duo out of Cali, and they make me stop and tear up a little for no reason at all. Of course they've been on tour and neglected Florida.  Like everyone else!

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