Lake Street Dive

I heard about a little band called Lake Street Dive many months ago, when a friend of mine shared a link with me of this unknown white girl covering “I want you back” by the Jackson Five. I clicked on the link and the voice of this woman captured my attention immediately. Rich, soulful with ridiculous range. A talented band behind her who blended with her vocals beautifully. Is it rock or soul? Jazz or blues? It’s everything, and it’s perfect.

I got to see them at an emptier than usual crowd at the Beacham. Even Rachael herself said they had never been to Florida, and were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. For me this was ideal concert viewing. I was three rows back from the stage and still had plenty of room to spare, but I was sad that more people didn’t know about this voice, that surely soon enough will be everywhere. Her voice was pitch perfect and you could hear people around you audibly gasping and exclaiming they had never seen a band that was this good live, ever.

The crowd was mixed with a lot of older people, Ellen watchers, as I call them. You could tell this was a crowd that was into real music and they knew Rachael and her crew would provide them with a night they can rarely get in this Electric Daisy Carnival world we are living in. To hear a soulful jazzy pop song seamlessly turn into ”Jump” by Van Halen that got those baby boomers really moving was quite a thing to see.

They are still touring, so if you get a chance to see them live, you will not regret it. Adele doesn't need a post baby comeback. We have Rachael now.

Check out some of their YouTube videos here and become a fan.