Guesthouse Cocktail Guide


It's hard to believe that it has already been two years since the former Peacock Room was transformed into one of Orlando's most popular bars.  With golden hues shining on you from the large windows facing Mills Avenue, to the lush vibe provided by Porch Therapy, and of course the delicious drinks, it's personally one of my favorite spots to grab a cocktail, that is before the crowds roll in. 

I'm personally always weary of hipster-douche vibes at local bars, coffee shops, or any place that offers goods with the word artisanal. The Guesthouse's absence of such an unwelcoming energy is exactly why I wrote about it almost two years ago to the date, and why it's still one of my favorite spots to sip the day behind me.

While their drinks stand on their own, they offer more of a stay-awhile atmosphere. They collaborate with local food trucks and host pop-ups in addition to offering complimentary food from local restaurants to patrons on Fridays. They've also partnered with local designer and maker Secret Society Goods to create pins that any regular would want to rock.

If you need any guidance on their cocktail menu, or the drinks they serve on the weekends that you may not know about, I've compiled a thirst-quenching list below.

tom collins.jpg

Tom Collins

Hayman's Old Tom Gin, Lemon, Sugar, Soda Water, Cherry. Light and just a little tart.



Tequila, lime salt, grapefruit soda. Light, refreshing, just a hint of sweetness.


Old Fashioned

Four Roses Bourbon, Angostura, sugar, orange, and cherry. A classic you can't go wrong with, and a great way to introduce yourself to bourbon.



Puerto Rican Rum, cinnamon, grenadine, grapefruit, herb saint bitters. One of the most potent drinks on the menu.


Pain Killer

Navy Strength Rum Pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream. A sweeter drink with a nice kick.



Passion fruit, simple syrup, grenadine, lemon juice, dark Jamacian rum. Easily gone too quickly and a drink that will catch up with you fast.


Three Dots & a Dash

Neisson aged Agricole, Hamilton 86 Rum, lime, honey syrup, orange juice, John D Taylor's Velvet Falernum, St. Elizabeth's Allspice Dram, Dash Angostura Bitters, 3 cherries and one pineapple leaf.


The Guesthouse is located at 1321 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL. They are open 4pm - 2am Monday through Friday and 12pm - 2am Saturday and Sunday.

I partnered with Guesthouse on this post, but it is not a sponsored post nor an ad. Just a supportive neighborhood collaboration. 

All photos are mine and should not be taken without permission for any purpose.