My Favorite Orlando Doughnuts


Let’s be honest, there isn’t really a need for me to continue to make doughnut round-ups when Google exists. I’d like to think I have a little more to offer to the sweet-toothed people of Orlando than a search engine. So this year, while I still made a handy chart of the local doughnut shops above for any new Orlandoans, I would rather use your generous click with a breakdown of my favorite doughnuts in Orlando, and some information to consider when hounding local businesses for free goods.

While doughnut day round-ups are filled with where you can get tasty morsels for free or at a discount, it’s in our best interest as doughnut-loving brethren to support our local bakers all year long. Owner of Valkyrie Doughnuts and Valhalla Bakery Celine Duvoisin shared with me that it takes on average the sell-thru of 450 doughnuts EVERY DAY to cover the full cost of running her business. If you want more local doughnut shops, you have to support them or they will share the fate of a trendy taco joint on Mills Avenue.

Now let’s be clear.

Your favorite doughnuts in Orlando may not be my favorite doughnuts, and that’s OK! It’s not a competition of whose taste buds reign supreme. Support who you love! I’m using my platform to show a little extra love to the local spots I have in my normal rotation.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, don’t take that as a slight. They may not have tickled my taste buds the way they did yours, or perhaps I don’t get to visit their establishment often, so I’m still forming opinions. Dough you, boo!


DG Doughnuts

Amanda Eubanks, a trained Cordon Bleu pastry chef, won my heart over with her doughnuts back when she first began her business with deliveries. Now her modest shop located in a gas station in Oakland sells out almost every weekend and sees long lines of doughnut lovers because her creations are among the best in town. Amanda is also a member of my approved solid human being club.

If you haven’t had them what should you expect:

  • DG Doughnuts are huge. I’ve struggled to eat one in its entirety in one sitting. I usually slowly graze on them once I get my box home and secure them in my microwave for safe keeping.

  • They are sweet! Flavor choice can obviously play a roll as to how intense your bite will be, but if super sweet doughnuts aren’t your thing, you may find these too rich.

  • Many local shops focus on yeast or cake, but Amanda offers both so you can see which you prefer. She also has apple fritters the size of a human head.

  • Favorite flavors include Key Lime Pie, Banana Pudding, and Blueberry cake doughnut.


Valkyrie Doughnuts

An ex-bakery manager from Publix certainly knows what she’s doing. From my first cupcake, to the lavender brownie that still visits my dreams, Celine is a baker that means business. So much so that when she decided to make vegan doughnuts at Valhalla Bakery, it set Orlando ablaze with photos and long lines of her original square creations. Fast forward and she now has a stand alone doughnut shop, and an expansion to St. Petersburg, and Valhalla continues to be a hub for her beloved doughnuts. Celine too is a card carrying member of my solid human club.

If you haven’t had them what should you expect:

  • Celine has perfected her craft so that when you bite into these soft, pillowy doughnuts the last thing you are thinking about is the fact they are vegan.

  • The doughnuts themselves are not overly sweet, so the glazes or toppings really set off the good dough for a balanced bite.

  • The flavor combinations range from fruity to floral, so you can normally find something exciting to try out of your normal comfort zone.

  • Favorite flavors include orange creamsicle, passion hibiscus and of course fruity pebble!


Dochi Doughnuts

Right now Dochi doughnuts are in the rigorous pop-up game, mainly over at East End Market. At one point I had been able to go pick up their doughnuts with no wait, but now long lines and super fast sell out times are keeping the new doughboys on the block in high demand. Rumor has it expansion plans are in the works, but until then your best bet is to follow their Instagram account for their next pop-up and get there early.

If you haven’t had them what should you expect:

  • These Japanese doughnuts are best described as light and chewy, leaving room in your stomach to easily eat more than one at a time.

  • Their enticing, rotating flavors like Vietnamese coffee with red velvet, churrotella, and Ube paired with their bright teal boxes make for easy foodie photo ops, but more importantly, great doughnuts that keep you wanting more.



Sip n' Dip Donuts

This modest mom and pop shop has amazing doughnuts worth the drive outside your bubble, unless your bubble happens to be St. Cloud.  They are best known for their variety, hospitable service and offering fresh cake and yeast doughnuts all day long. On my last trip I got a dozen doughnuts, a cronut, and a water for $17. 

  • Where is it:  Near Downtown St. Cloud off of 1-92 a few miles off the Florida Turnpike.

  • Hours: They are open every day of the week from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the exception of Sunday when they close at 5 p.m.

  • Favorite flavors include strawberry cheesecake, blueberry, bacon maple, and old-fashioned with chocolate glaze.


Little Blue Donut Co.

You may have visited their Little Blue Donut truck around Central Florida at Tasty Tuesdays or another food truck rally. It was at these events that husband and wife team Mike & Alyse Perfetto cemented their loyal following and then decided to open a brick and mortar in Winter Park. Their doughnuts are all made fresh to order with toppings of your choice. Alyse and Mike have also been granted access to the solid human club of Orlando. Their shop off Fairbanks has plenty of seating for a weekend doughnut party.

If you haven’t had them what should you expect:

  • All cake doughnuts here and all are made-to-order, so they served warm and soft.

  • You can make just about any flavor combination you want or just order off their menu.

  • It seems hidden, but there is a parking lot on New York Avenue for customers. 

  • Favorite flavors include peanut butter & sriracha, cookies and cream, and salted caramel.


Donut King

To be honest, the best cake doughnut I’ve ever had was not eaten here in Florida, but rather Doughnut Plant in NYC, so I hold my critique for other cake doughnut competitors to those standards. While Donut King is no Doughnut Plant, I really love their cake doughnuts. So much so, that my old boss who was also obsessed with doughnuts would sometimes bring me in a red velvet or blueberry cake doughnut from here as a job well done treat. Obviously it’s true that I will work for good doughnuts!

If you haven’t had them what should you expect:

  • They are always moist and light, I’ve never had a dense cake doughnut in all my trips.

  • You can try both cake and yeast doughnuts here, and thanks to cheap prices, grabbing a dozen to take home and taste is very affordable.

  • The earlier in the day you go the better your chances at more flavor selection, but they are open until 9 p.m. so there should ALWAYS be doughnuts available.

  • They have two locations in Winter Park (on Howell Branch Road) and one in Minneola off US 27.

  • Favorite flavors include cherry and blueberry doughnuts, red velvet, and the Sour Patch Kid doughnut. 


VooDoo Doughnuts

While I’ve absolutely gotten lackluster doughnuts here, the most recent visits have yielded satisfying results particularly with their yeast doughnuts. If you choose wisely, this tourist trap can produce a delicious reasonably priced doughnut to make the cost of parking worth the trip. Now that the fanfare of opening in City Walk has calmed down, I’ve never waited in a long line for my Oh Captain my Captain doughnut, and it’s a much cheaper treat to bring into the parks with you than making a purchase once you are inside.

If you haven’t had them what should you expect:

  • I’d personally recommend staying away from the cake doughnuts, in my experience they are very dry.

  • Certain UO passholders get discounts, so don’t forget to flash that card!

  • Favorite flavors include The Portland Cream and Oh Captain, My Captain.

Use the chart above to find your own favorite doughnuts.