Eating in Orlando Vol. 11


I briefly touched on my experience at Susuru over on Instagram, but I wanted to give them a little more love and you more detail.  We visited on a Saturday and I was sure that it would be busy, so got there a few minutes before it opened.  When we arrived there was already a line waiting.  When the doors open they fill up the restaurant with those who were waiting, which means servers may be getting double or triple sat, so be patient. During my visit, the server didn’t miss a beat. However, thanks to the retro-themed décor, you should have no problem waiting for your server as you take in all the details from the moment you walk in. 

What I ate:

MR. FUGU dry sake/Nigori sake/lillet blanc/pineapple juice/coconut mix/lime juice/fresh fruit/mint sprig

NATTO LOTUS CHIPS fried lotus chips/Japanese fermentd soybeans/avocado

TONKOTSU pork chasu/shoyu soft egg/bamboo shoots/scallions/nori/tonkotsu broth


The Mr. Fugu is actually meant for two, but since my husband opted for a beer I drank it myself. It’s not overly strong and easily drank by one person. While it was tasty, for the price ($22) I would recommend getting a cheaper craft cocktail.

The Natto lotus chips were simple but pleasing. A mix of crunchy, salty and soothing avocado.  It’s one of the few small plates on the menu that doesn’t have mayonnaise, so bonus for that.  I really enjoyed my ramen thanks to a flavorful broth and tender pork.  It did have a little more fat than I like, but overall still a winner for Orlando’s ramen scene.

For dessert we had matcha tiramisu, something my heart didn’t know it needed.  It was rich in matcha flavor without overpowering you with powder, while being velvety smooth. 

 What to know before you go:

  • The most expensive item on the food menu is $12 so a trip here won’t break the bank.

  • While there are single tables and bar seating, a large portion of the seats are at communal tables.

  • The matcha tiramisu is limited, so if you go later in the night they might be sold out.

  • The overall vibe is upbeat and friendly. You will hear いらっしゃいませ! or Irasshaimase! several times during your meal as the wait staff and host greet guests as they come in.

  • Player 1 Arcade is next door, so you can play video games after you dine for a full night out.

MX Tacos

Chef Ryan Manning has brought flavors of Mexico to the Milk District, and while we are living in a taco-heavy Orlando, MX Tacos is welcome to stick around. His small space can be found on the corner of Bumby and Robinson in the small retail strip. As you peruse the menu you can see what states of Mexico influence each dish and decide where you’d like to let your taste buds journey.

What I ate:

GUACAMOLE Y TOTOPOS guacamole + chips

CARNITAS confit pulled pork/onion/cilantro

QUESADILLA CON CHORIZO queso oaxaca/chorizo

HORCHATA DE COCO cinnamon coconut milk

AVOCADO ICE CREAM toasted pumpkin seeds/coconut/chocolate shavings

I honestly enjoyed all of my tacos, however they didn’t feel too different from the places I go on OBT. That’s not to knock what I felt were solid tacos, it was just comparable to places like Tortas el Rey and Taqueria el Mexicano. The meats were well seasoned, and they come with all the ingredients you need, with a few hot sauces available if you wish to add any additional punch. We did go during the soft opening, so I’m not sure if the current tortillas will be exactly the same, but mine easily fell apart. The showstoppers for me, being the glutton for sweets that I am, was the coconut horchata and the avocado ice cream.

What to know before you go:

  • MX Tacos is closed on Monday so plan accordingly.

  • The restaurant is small and seating is limited. I believe they added a few tables outside, but I wouldn’t advise bringing a large group with you without planning ahead.

  • The wildly popular avocado ice cream is on hiatus due to market prices of avocados, but they have a new flavor - Champola de mamey.

Eola General

I personally never frequented the Handy Pantry downtown, so I don’t know if locals miss it, or view the new Eola General as an upgrade, but I certainly love the new concept. It reminds me of the neighborhood shops you’ll find in Philadelphia that cater to the locals who can walk there from their apartments for a quick bite or a night cap.

I visited for a leisurely breakfast, and while the menu isn’t expansive I believe anyone (including vegans) will find something they will enjoy.

What I ate:

THE BAGEL Lake Meadows bacon/scrambled eggs/Gruyere/arugula/southern aioli/on an Asiago bagel

With each sandwich you get their house-made chips and your choice of a fresh side. The portion of the bagel was very generous and filling and their chips are dynamite. They definitely left me wanting a larger portion of those!

What to know before you go:

  • Inside seating is limited, with a long bar that patrons could stand at if they wanted as they sipped on beer and mingled in the evening hours as well as a few stools at the coffee counter.

  • The fridges are stocked with staples like eggs and milk, some fancy cheeses, and a good selection of beverages including beers and wines. Locally sourced items can also be found here like pre-made items from Dixie Dharma, Smiling Goat Shrubs, and the Nutty Peanut butters.

  • They serve local Wavelength coffee, but options are currently limited to cold brew, nitro cold brew, and regular coffee.

  • They are now open 7 days a week and open at 7 a.m. on weekdays for your early grab ‘n go breakfast people.

It’s truly a local joint that for some may not merit a special trip to downtown, but if you are in the area I wouldn’t hesitate in grabbing a sandwich or charcuterie board. There is definitely a welcoming neighborhood vibe that I hope the surrounding locals support!

Royal Tea

I'm not ashamed to say I'm a full blown addict of Royal Tea and I never saw it coming.  So many boba tea places have opened, I started to get boba blindness (not unlike taco blindness) when it came to new spots.  I can tell you now that I've been several times, I don't really classify Royal Tea as a boba shop, in fact I haven't gotten any boba in any of my drinks.

There is a lot to take in when you first visit. You stare at the menu not fully understanding what is what, but the staff has always been so kind and patient with me as I asked questions. At four to five bucks a beverage, I want to know what I’m getting into.

What I’ve tried:

  • Rose Pu'er cheese mousse tea

  • Peach Oolong cheese mousse tea

  • Royal Fruits Tea

  • Whole Grapefruit Tea

  • Caffè Latte

  • Mousse coffee

For anyone wondering why in the world you'd want a layer of mousse cheese on top of your beverage, I was once like you. Here's the thing; it tastes and smells nothing like cheese, so the aroma doesn't obstruct the amazing scent of your tea. It's actually cream cheese whipped into a very silky and light mousse that has just enough of a salty taste to enhance the flavor of the teas. The mousse coffee is absolutely my favorite drink.

If you aren't ready to try any of the mousse teas, the fruit teas are abundantly refreshing.  I've had the Royal Fruit Tea which has a sweet mixture of fresh fruits, as well as the grapefruit which is of course more tart.  While they are mostly on the sweeter side, none of them were overpoweringly sweet for my taste, and the Caffè Latte wasn't sweet at all. 

What to know before you go:

  • They don’t open until 11 a.m., so no early morning tea pick-ups.

  • Everything is made-to-order so don’t get uppity if it takes five to ten minutes (especially if they are slammed) to get your drink.

  • They have a rewards program, so if you becoming addicted like me, it will pay off in the end.

Mad Crab Seafood & Wings

Over in Eatonville there is a small restaurant right on Kennedy, that I always had my eye on, but I often missed their opening hours.  Finally, I found them as an option on UberEats and I was able to get my dinner delivered to my couch; my favorite way to research food.

Historically, I'm not a big seafood fan, but I had a feeling from their five star rating on Yelp that this wasn't going to be the typical fishy experience. 

What I ate:

GARLIC SHRIMP BOX seasoned potatoes/corn cobs/boiled eggs

FRIED FISH + SHRIMP French fries/corn nuggets

In my garlic shrimp box everything was slathered in garlic butter, spices, and honestly I don't know what else.  All I know is that it was very satisfying and the definition of a finger-licking good meal.  The only issue here is that when you order items that have potential to get soggy in transit, there isn't much you can do about that. The fries and bread that accompanied the fish didn't quite hold up. I'd definitely recommend dining in, or just keeping that in mind when you order.

What to know before you go:

  • If you visit in person, the restaurant is small so seating will be limited.

  • The hours are Wednesday - Saturday 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

  • You can order for delivery with UberEats, Postmates, and Doordash but in my experience they are not always online during business hours. It is hit or miss.


Domu Chibi is the fast casual answer to the long lines and higher price points of Domu at the East End Market. Opening in Waterford Lakes seems like a good idea to test this concept to hungry college students who are less inclined to drive across town and wait two hours for ramen.

What I ate:

TONKOTSU pork bone broth/pork belly/seasoned soft boiled egg/wood ear mushroom/scallions/black garlic oil

DOMU WING BITES boneless wing bites tossed in signature kimchi butter sauce/scallions/sesame seeds

BRAVA FRIES tossed in spicy kewpie mayo/topped with sour cream/fried garlic/japanese spices

I’m very sad to say that I didn’t really enjoy my ramen. The broth wasn’t flavorful and my noodles were pretty mushy. Also, the plastic spoon that they gave me to eat it with was narrow and very problematic. Not sure if they still give that to patrons or not, but I’d absolutely bring my own spoon next time.

I enjoyed my wing bites, and I think people that love the original Domu wings would be happy with this portion and the $6 price point. The fries were really an unnecessary add-on that I probably wouldn’t get again because they aren’t worth it; you are better off sticking with the wing bites.

Definitely no shade here. I’m not giving up all hope because I know Domu knows how to make ramen. I probably hit them on an off day. I’ll try another bowl on my next venture to the East side.

What to know before you go:

  • To keep things moving here there is no greeter or host of any kind. You place your order on the tablets at the counter, make your payment and wait for your food. Items came out pretty quickly.

  • Seating consists of two long bars one lower one facing the windows and one overlooking the cooks, and some tables agaisnt the narrow wall. There are also a few patio tables outside.

  • All ramen bowls start at $9.50 so you can dine here without feeling too pinched in your purse.

All the food mentioned in this post was paid for personally, absolutely no food was given in exchange for a write up. I encourage locals to visit restaurants and taste for themselves because everyone’s palates are different. All photos are property of LemonHearted Creative.