Orlando Coffee


Wakey Juice - Cupped Lightning - Liquid Crack

Whatever you call it, I need it.  The addiction is real, but sadly, in Orlando, I can't seem to be satisfied with my options. Every time I visit a new city I realize Orlando isn't really brimming with craft coffee shops.

Recently while in Toronto I mapped out all the spots for a caffeine break and with almost a full week of exploring time, we barely made a dent in what seemed like endless coffeehouses. Sure Toronto vs Orlando may not be a fair comparison, but even Tampa seems to be leaving us in the dust. In fact we've been losing more coffee shops than we've been gaining. Propagation, Sleeping Moon Cafe, Kaoien Coffee, all closed.

Instead of getting down in the literal dumps when I have to visit the same spot for coffee over and over again, I decided to make to a list of all the places I can get coffee, not all necessarily coffee shops, to make myself feel a little better.

Duo 58

What's the vibe: The coffee game in Oviedo was pretty bleak and then Duo 58 opened up. Tucked in a half empty strip mall you'll find this cozy gem where the coffee is good and you can curl up with a book and forget the outside world. It feels like a friend's living room that just happens to have a barista making you just the right beverage for studying, reading, catching up, or life planning.

Bonus: They have waffles on Wednesday!

Wi-Fi: Yes


Lineage Roasting at the East End Market

What's the vibe: It's undoubtedly the most happening spot in the East End Market, but it's not an easy spot to hang unless you utilize the courtyard.

Bonus: Farm & Haus just opened directly across from it for awesome grab n' go food while you wait for your drink.

Wi-Fi: If someone at the market is willing to give you the password, yes.

Favorite drink: I recently got an iced honey latte and I hope it never goes away.


Foxtail Coffee

When is it opening: Excellent question that I don't have the answer to, but you can follow their Instagram & Facebook for updates.

Where can I get their coffee now: Market on South, Matador, Stubborn Mule, the Copper Rocket, and more are added to the list via their Instagram account regularly.

Why it's exciting: By the looks of construction this could be one of the prettiest coffee spots to hit O-town.  Other than that, their cold brew is pretty smooth, and I hear they will serve Matcha, which makes me one happy caffeine drinker.

Stardust Coffee

What's the vibe: Some call it hipster, some call it grunge, I call it messy funk. Phoebe Buffay would play "Smelly Cat" here and we would all love it. You can get more than coffee but I normally stick to beverages only.  Take pics in the photo booth, show up to themed party nights, or come here to work during the day. Coffee always awaits you.

Wi-Fi: Yes



Hold up, I thought it was just tea: There are lots of teas, some with just as much if not more caffeine as coffee, but they do have Thai iced coffee. Just a hint of sweetness with cream, it's a pretty powerful wake me up.

Pro Tip: Order it as a float with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Wi-Fi: Yes, the passwords are even on the table waiting for you.


Cozee Cafe

Where is it? Head up to Lake Mary and it's in the back of the Colonial TownPark shopping center in front of the movie theater.

What's the vibe: Normally pretty chill and quiet. It's a full service cafe, but they serve Linage coffee, so even if a sit down meal isn't on the agenda you can still get a great cup of coffee.

Favorite drink: Their chai latte is one of the best and creamiest I've found.

Wi-Fi: Yes



Why you should go here for coffee:  First and foremost those dang biscuits. Secondly, their new larger location opens this Saturday, October 1st with more space and seating to enjoy. And third, their iced coffee goes perfect with any of those belly busting breakfast dishes.

Wi-Fi: Yes


Bake Chop in Deland

Where is it?: Go down into the artist's alley and you'll find this delicious restaurant where they don't skimp on their brews. I got the Grammas which had butter, steamed milk and espresso.

Bonus: You'll pass the famous Deland Wings on your stroll for a post coffee selfie and SO of NY Market is a skip away.

Wi-Fi: Yes

Austin's Coffee & Film

What's the vibe: Grungy and alternative, but welcoming.  Austin's is a friend to all of us dispossessed. Board games in the back, local performers in the front, and local artists in-between.

Wi-Fi: Yes


Zanibar Coffee House

What's the vibe: I honestly don't know. You are drinking coffee in a cafe that wants to transport you to Africa but also serves pão de queijo, a Brazilian cheese bread. Tribal prints and masks adorn the wall with a cozy couch corner in the back.  Whatever the theme they are going for it's safe to say it's exotic.

What to know: They don't have coffee cups for people staying in, nor will you get any latte art to fawn over here.

Wi-Fi: Yes


ZaZa Cuban Diner

Why go here for coffee: Quesitos + Cortado is really all you need to know.

Bonus: Their Cuban food isn't half bad and on Tuesdays they have a 2 for $12 dinner special after 4pm.

Vita Luna Cafe

Where is it: Located inside the District at Mills 50 you can't miss the counter to the right when you walk in. (Update they are no longer at this locaiton)

What you need to know: This place is BYOC (bring your own cup). Of course if you forget yours they've got you covered with a take away glass that you can bring back, but they are committed to sustainability and no waste, so keep a mug handy.

Wi-Fi: Yes



Why it's worthy of a coffee break: You can enter the beautiful DoveCote restaurant but leave without dropping serious dough on a full meal. Take a breakfast meeting at their coffee bar and grab a freshly baked pastry.

Where do I park?:  I wouldn't recommend parking in the Bank of America garage, keep an eye out for metered parking on Orange Avenue before you hit Robinson.

Wi-Fi: No

Palate Coffee in Sanford

What's the vibe: Quiet and unassuming, no one would categorize this as a hipster coffee spot. Ample seating and a stage, this is a great local spot not just for coffee but for open mic nights among other events they put on.

Bonus: You can grab doughnuts from Donuts To-Go.

Wi Fi: Yes


Buttermilk Bakery

Why go here for coffee: They brew lineage coffee here with a bonus, ALL OF THEIR FOOD.

More Bonuses: The AMAZING pastries is all the bonus you need.

Wi Fi: No


Vespr Craft Coffee & Allures

What's the vibe: College kids, everywhere. If you are not a college kid, you may not necessarily feel like you belong or want to hang out for too long. Despite having a lot of seating you still may have a hard time finding a place to camp out. Try not to trip on any laptop cords.

What makes it worth the drive: Their drinks change and exciting concoctions are always popping up on the menu.

Wi-Fi: Yes


Cafe Frutos Selectos

What's the vibe: It's  pretty quiet during the day, so this could be a good spot for you freelancers to get some peace while you work.

Wi-Fi: Yes


Poor Porker in Lakeland

Is it worth the drive: Yes! Once you get past Disney traffic it should be a seamless drive down I-4 into Lakeland. The Campfire cold brew is really good and the freshly made beignets can't be beat.

Bonus: When Mama Bones is there she will instantly light up the rest of your day. Her energy is contagious. You may even get to hear her sing some classic pop songs.


Oxford Exchange

What it's known for: It's a truly beautiful space in Tampa that's part bookstore, part restaurant, and part over priced goods. In the open center it becomes a cafe with both tea and coffee bars. It's an instagrammers dream spot for several photo ops.

What about the coffee:  Buddy Brew has a counter here, so take your latte into any cozy corner or settle for a spot at the marble bar.

Wi-Fi: It's pay to play


Barnie's Coffee

What's the vibe: Anything off of Park Avenue will be crowded but filled with excellent people watching. Be on the lookout for Winter Park darlings, fashion bloggers clinging to the marble tables with their avocado toast, and a few normals.

Wi-Fi: Yes

My favorite drink: Their iced turkish latte.


Gratitude Coffee

Why it's special: To my knowledge it's Orlando's only coffee truck. Not to mention that owner, Jen, has been working with coffee since the 80's. I think she knows a thing or two about a good cup of coffee.

What you need to know: She's at her spot off Par Street in College Park Monday - Saturday, and she takes cash and card.


Credo Coffee

What you need to know: Is Credo saturating the Orlando market or are they taking advantage of the lack of coffee shops? I don't have the answer, but either way they will not be ignored. The fourth location is set to open in the North Quarter Market off of Orange Avenue with partners The Pop Parlour and The Farmacy.

Bonus: The wi-fi is strong with this one.

Favorite location: The Florida hospital location.



Black Bean Deli

Why go here for coffee: If you like your coffee sweet, like, Cuban coffee sweet, you can take a break here and grab a cafe con leche, (I prefer mine iced) or a Cuban espresso.

Bonus: You can have a breakfast meeting here and pair that coffee with a guava or cheese pastelitos while you day dream about your next Cuban food trip to Miami.

Axum Coffee

What's the vibe: It's pretty chill here. You'll find a mix of freelancers, younger kids, and local workers buzzing in and out.  There is seating outdoors for cooler Florida days.

What you need to get: Ask for the Pumpkin Chai latte and thank me later.

What to check out next: Their partnership with the Orlando Cat Cafe in Clermont. Sip a coffee and possibly adopt a cat that needs a loving home.


Rabbitfoot Records

What is it: Part record store, part cafe. Buy a record, sip on a coffee, attend a pop-up event featuring local makers or an open mic nights. This is a social hub for downtown Sanford.

Wi Fi: Yes


Happy Coffee Drinking!

All photos are mine unless otherwise credited. All coffee was paid for by me with my money and then paid for dearly again in my bathroom. Don't just steal photos for content, visit local businesses!