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"That's gross, I love it." - April Ludgate

I'm worried.

I’m worried about single friends of mine that are constantly told the things they need to change about their appearance so they can secure a man. As if it is the most coveted thing they can achieve.

To feel that they must do everything they possibly can to alter their natural physical appearance to be worthy of getting peered at by a man.


I’m worried about teenage girls that I see taking constant “selfies” of themselves and building an Instagram library of their daily made-up faces.  At the age of 12 and 13 it shouldn’t be a daily goal to see how many people will compliment you on your appearance. Truly at any age this shouldn't be the female goal.

better off

I’m worried about the girls whose self-esteem plummets when she dares go somewhere without makeup on, and people ask her if she is sick.


I’m worried about boys/men that think it’s funny to take pictures of random women  and post these images online because the way in which their bodies do not measure up to their standards is just so hilarious to them they have to share with their friends.


I’m worried about all the people that like and comment on these photos that think it’s funny.

 no class

I’m worried about the mothers that teach their daughters the importance of being skinny because no man wants to marry a “fatty”.


I’m worried about women that go out at night (single or married) in hopes that some guy will hit on them just so they feel good about themselves.


I'm worried about the conversations I overhear in dressing rooms.


I’m worried about girls that look up to Beyonce as their feminist inspiration.  Perhaps they should do some research on some truly amazing women.



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