Foxtail's Farmhouse

Your coffee experience is getting an upgrade thanks to the new Foxtail Farmhouse opening next week.  Fans of Foxtail that have found it difficult to leisurely enjoy their brews at the Winter Park location due to limited seating now have much more space to enjoy with hopefully far less sad lattes walking out the door because they had no place to sit.

The additional seating includes a very long bar, "a true laptop bar"  as described by co-owner Iain Yeakle, where people are encouraged to sit and stay for as long as they like. The bar itself seats about ten and there are additional high and low tops.

The transition is a seamless extension of the space next door with all the recognizable black subway tile and wood accents along with plenty of fox sightings. Not to go unnoticed are the many coffee siphons on the bar, so if you happen to order one you'll get a front row view of the process without leaving your chair.

What's truly different about the Farmhouse space is the added options.  The new bites menu certainly makes camping out a bit easier on the stomach with a variety of options that include sliced to order charcuterie boards, small plates, paninis, sandwiches, and a few sweet tooth options (including vegan ice cream).

There is also a quick grab cooler for grab 'n go Foxtail Fresh packaged goods or locally baked goods from area businesses.

If you enjoy buying your coffee beans for home use, the Gravity Bar is prominent on the wall when you walk in with a variety of eight specialty coffee beans from around the world that you can purchase by the ounce.

If you are more concerned with beverages over bites, you'll find new drink additions like the Shakerato (a creamy, shaken sweet espresso drink), the Café Palmer (lemonade, sparkling water, and espresso) and a deconstructed latte. If you enjoy seasonal flavoring they also have added lavender and orange bitters.

Mid-day coffee dates can easily turn into evening meet-ups with their selection of prosecco, rosé, an assortment of red and white wines, and four cocktails. 

The Farmhouse officially opens on February 10th.