Brooklyn Coffee Shop

If the skeptic in you is wondering where in the world the Brooklyn Coffee Shop came from that quickly took the place of Restaurant Ash in the Mills/50 district, I'm here to report I too was skeptical. But instead of leaving snarky remarks on social media posts (I've seen several) I went for myself to see what they were all about.

They weren't even open for business yet but Chef Dalton kindly let us in saying, when you are in the service industry that is what you do, you serve.  Immediate smiles all around. 


We were greeted warmly by the owner, Daniel who welcomed us and offered to make us a French Press coffee as the espresso machine was still warming up. We discussed his background, living in Seattle, L.A., New York, and Brazil which is where they opened up their first shop back in 2010 in Curitiba.  For those who may laugh at the thought of naming their shop after the popular New York borough, Daniel and his wife Patricia did live there, in fact got married there, so the name is not a marketing ploy but an homage to a part of their past.

Chef Dalton was gracious, allowing us to order anything off their brunch menu so we decided to try the Avocado Toast ($7) served on Challah bread and the Shakshuka ($7). Both dishes were deliciously packed with lots of flavor for a very reasonable price point.  

Other brunch menu items include French Toast, Eggs Benedict, a Brooklyn Breakfast and an Açaí Smoothie. We were also given a taste of some amazing hush puppies served with hibiscus honey. After what I ate today, I'm really excited to try their lunch menu. Daniel also told me they plan on having freshly made doughnuts each morning! 

For those familiar with the Miami-based coffee roaster, Panther Coffee, you can get excited that someone in Orlando is brewing their beans. Lunch and potentially dinner will also be served as they navigate through their soft opening. The hours will be as follows:

Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Daniel's wife, Patricia makes the desserts including Brigadeiro which is a very popular treat in Brazil. 


While one visit isn't enough to bet anything on, I will say that I believe you will feel the same warm hospitality that we felt as we sat and spoke with Daniel and learned about his past and his passions. 

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more opening information. 

All pictures are mine, do not use without permission and credit. All food was paid for personally.