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B&B Junction

This past Friday I made reservations for my better half and I to go check out a new restaurant downtown, called Kasa.  Once I got home from work though, my husband said he wasn’t really feeling like going to a “fancy place” and he just wanted something casual and easy.  Now I don’t know how fancy Kasa is, but anything with a reservation to him comes with higher expectations of dress code and price tag.  I cancelled our reservation and suggested we try B&B Junction over on Fairbanks, as I had heard good things about their food. B&B Junction now lives in the old Four Rivers space on the corner of Fairbanks and Formosa. It was surprising not to see a line out the door as we had grown accustomed to whenever we went to grab some BBQ.  I couldn’t let this alter my perception of this quieter scene, since nothing else around here seems to be worth people standing outside in the Florida heat like Four Rivers does.  It’s an unfair comparison.

Doing a little research of the menu before we left, I saw that B&B boasts that they specialize in “100% Local Grass-Fed Beef Burgers”, and are a farm-to-table concept. Patrons should expect fresh ingredients  straight from Central Florida farms whenever possible. I am immediately a fan of anyone who claims to have humanely raised meats. I want my animals to have the best life possible, before I snack on their delicious meat.


Inside where you order, is a funky, eclectic local feel, it definitely reminded me of places I ate at in Portland.  All the staff inside were very nice and helpful when I asked about bison meat, since I had never had it.   I went ahead and ordered a Bison burger with the regular fixings as well as gruyere cheese.  My husband got a pulled pork sandwich with house-made bourbon ham, gruyere, mojo, house-made pickle, mustard on brioche toast. I also ordered a side of fries and he ordered a side of fried pickles.

My burger was extremely juicy and flavorful, and it felt lighter than ground beef.  I’m not usually a person that orders burgers on a regular basis, so I was happy that I didn’t feel that stomach ache you sometimes get after a larger burger.  My fries were definitely overcooked, some almost burnt and completely hard.  They definitely did not taste as fresh as my burger did.  My husband enjoyed his pulled pork with no complaints, and we both attacked the fried pickles, since the portion was quite large which were also just ok.


While ordering earlier, I had been teased with a description of their pumpkin pie milkshake with vanilla gelato and a actual piece of pie blended together.  I had no will power to leave without trying it, so I went back in and placed an order for one. On a shake scale 10 being Chick-Fil-A and 1 being Checkers, I definitely gave it an 8. Although I did feel $6 was a bit pricey for it.

Overall, we had an enjoyable meal, utilizing the cards and games they leave for guests to use while eating, and enjoying the nice outdoor fall weather. I would recommend that they put as much TLC into their sides as they do into their burgers.  All too often you find one to be more enjoyable than the other. The key is for the complete meal to hit it out of the park.

Our meal was shy of $40, not counting the shake, and that included a beer for both of us.  Overall, we would go again when I get a good burger craving while hoping for a better experience with its accompaniment.


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