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7 Broadway females worthy of your obsession

I will make a confession. I have not seen Frozen. I know, I may be one of the last females on the planet in my age group that hasn't seen it.  I'm not a huge movie goer, even less of a Disney fan, so I haven't gotten the urge despite the hype. I have however been bombarded with excitement from others who love the movie's most popular and now award winning song "Let it Go".  To be totally honest, the song is just alright in my humble opinion.  Perhaps since I haven't seen the movie I'm missing a bit of the power behind the song, but as a self-proclaimed "broadway baby" and Sondheim uber fan, I can't help but feel like this song misses the mark. Idina Menzel has a powerful theatrical voice which I love so I wouldn't dare take issue with her.  The lyrics and melody just don't grab me. I'm sure at some point I will end up seeing Frozen, and maybe my opinion will change, but amid the constant barrage of Frozen remixes, mash-ups, and squeals -  I want to immerse myself in some unforgettable melodies, lyrics, and female powerhouses of the past.  If you don't know who the ladies are below, it's time to educate yourself.  If it wasn't for most of them, we wouldn't be listening to Adele...I mean Idina.

Elaine Stritch - Ladies Who Lunch

From Company

Being Alive - Patti Lupone

From Company

Not Getting Married - Madeline Kahn

From Company

Children will Listen - Bernadette Peters

From Into the Woods

Tell me on a Sunday - Marti Webb

From Tell me on a Sunday

Joanna Gleason - It takes Two

From Into the Woods


If you want Idina in her glory, please refer to Defying Gravity and expect nothing less.

From Wicked

The Strand

Eight Great Bjork Covers